How dark chocolate increases nitric oxide boosts testosterone to get hard stay hard longer for full body orgasm every time

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See how dark chocolate increases nitric oxide to help you get your manhood backDark chocolate, extracted from the pod of Cacao tree is perhaps the richest source of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide beats Viagra in tests, and has no side effects.

How would you feel if your woman seeks satisfaction on the arms of another man?

Don't answer that..

I think I know the answer to that!

Boost testosterone Increase serum nitric oxide Get hard and satisfy your woman
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Skyrocket your sex drive with dark chocolate or else..

    did you know 4 out of 5 women admit they would cheat


..their men could NOT satisfy them in bed!

     Can you satisfy your woman in bed..

         I mean, ALL the time?


Dark chocolate increases nitric oxide to help you:

  • Get hard

  • Stay hard as long as you want


As much as raw dark chocolate increases nitric oxide and boosts testosterone by itself..

It is just 1 ingredient in this amazing natural erection enhancer

Best sex drive booster with Raw Cacao

      Raw dark chocolate for great sex and more!

But, that good news about chocolate is NOT really news!

Chocolate has a long history as..

  • Energy booster

  • Aphrodisiac

  • Appetite suppressant

  • Anti aging food due to its high antioxidant content etc.

    All these have been known since ancient times!

    Dark Chocolate-best source of nitric oxide

When we talk about chocolate, what we are talking about is Dark chocolate

..not adulterated white chocolate  that's most common on store shelves

But before we go any further:
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Dark chocolate the new libido enhancer for men-and women!

This same nitric oxide is now the new superstar in jacking up male libido without dangerous drugs

 Let us dispel a misconception because it is very important!

Low sex drive and erectile dysfunction
have little or nothing to do with age.

Close to 18-20 million young men in their 20 and 30s suffer from occasional Erection problems..

And that's in the U.S alone!

      Why is that, you ask?

Unhealthy lifestyles, that's why!

You can have great sex at ANY AGE!

Now, don't you feel better?

  Why should you care if dark
increases nitric oxide or not?

      Well, you should

   And here is why

Dark chocolate increases nitric oxide

You would remember that nitric oxide is the molecule that beat Viagra in clinical tests to dramatically boost sex drive..

And that's for men and women!

And isn't that what everyone wants?

And IF you sex drive is in a slump, how to get your manhood back becomes a priority, doesn't it?

      Here is something else

And you should pay attention to this..

4 out of 5 women admit they would cheat..


..their men can NOT satisfy them sexually!

That has you running scared?

Don't be!

Keep on reading!!

Maybe that's why Viagra manufacturer Pfizer now targets its ads to women!

Since you now know that chocolate increases nitric oxide and nitric oxide boosts your sex drive, you know how to resist the pressure your woman may put on you to use a dangerous drug like Viagra

You have a natural alternative to satisfying your woman in bed

Health Benefits of nitric oxide

Having adequate amount of serum nitric oxide goes well beyond getting an erection.

Your very life may depend on it!

Read about nitric oxide health benefits at this link

Nitric Oxide..
most powerful erection boosting nutrient

BUT, first, let's see how nitric oxide erection suddenly becomes the natural alternative to dangerous erection drugs, such as Viagra, Cialis, Levitra etc

Viagra and like drugs are PDE-5 inhibitors.

This means that they work by interfering with the normal functioning of the body..

With all the implications of what that means.

Health Risks of Erection Dysfunction Drugs

There are a few reasons why you should NOT take Viagra and such drugs..

In fact, there are many reasons, and here are some of them:

  • Higher risk of cancer-especially prostate cancer

  • Higher risks of heart attacks

  • Blurred vision

  • Hearing loss

  • Memory problems etc.

And these are just a few of the side effects of Viagra and like drugs.

The FDA certainly thinks Viagra is dangerous to your health

Here is where the National Institute of Health [US] warns about Viagra health risks

Research from different parts of the world had found how dark chocolate increases nitric oxide.

History of Cacao..
Its Origin in Meso-America

The cacao plant produces cocoa beans. Roasting and grinding the fermented seeds produce dark chocolateIf dark chocolate increases nitric oxide and helps get harder penis, why are you taking Viagra and such drugs that the FDA says can give you a heart attack?

The Aztecs, Mayans and Incas certainly knew, and consumed dark chocolate
Even then, it was known that dark chocolate boosts sex drive and energy.
Dark chocolate comes from the cacao tree.

The Meso-American Connection

Chocolate was said to have originated in Meso America

The Aztecs, Incas and Mayans certainly knew about it.

In fact, the Incas, the Aztecs, the Mayans  so priced cacao that its seeds were used as currency

The Aztecs regarded cocoa as a divine gift from the god Quetzalcoatl, the South America son of God born of a Virgin Mother

     What the Atzecs knew that
     we are now just finding out

The Aztecs did not need modern Bio-chemistry to find out how dark chocolate   increases nitric oxide.

They used it as

  •   Aphrodisiac

  •   Energy booster

  •   Endurance food

  •   General tonic

    The Aztecs certainly knew the power of cocoa for boosting energy endurance and suppressing appetite.

    It was part of the ration of their warriors!

 Food of Emperors

One of the most famous of Aztec emperors was Montezuma
He was said to have consumed as many as 50 servings of chocolate per day!

This "Food of the Gods" was so much prized that it was the beverage served at royal banquets.

What is Cacao?

Knowing what Cacao is, and its awesome health benefits, can shed light on how dark chocolate increases nitric oxide and gives you the best sex of your life

It will also help you understand why dark Chocolate is not just for sex, but one of the healthiest foods on earth.

I'll make the distinction between dark chocolate and other adulterated forms of chocolate later

Where Chocolate comes from

An evergreen tree, Cacao plant produces seeds which Chocolate comes from.

Chocolate is obtained by roasting the fermented bean seeds

This type of dark chocolate increases nitric oxide and boosts your libido

I stated that because, back at the time of the Aztecs, you didn't have the adulterated, sugary stuff that passes for chocolate today

What these cultures used was the real deal-the dark chocolate that had all its Polyphenols intact

How do you retain your manhood?

In order to keep your manhood, you need to consume the dark chocolate that has ALL these Polyphenols

Yes, dark chocolate increases nitric oxide alright, but NOT the ones that has its beneficial ingredients processed out!

   Best Raw dark chocolate
erection booster

Here is an erection booster that has a high level of raw, dark chocolate as one of its main ingredients.

Do you want to..

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  •  Have mind blowing sex

  •  Last longer 

  •  Have stronger orgasms

  •  Make premature ejaculation a thing of the past

  •  Improve your health at the same time

Then this is the Ultimate Raw Sex Power Food Complex you need to jack up your libido without dangerous drugs

But this is what makes this product so unique

You know that Testosterone, the male hormone is also needed for strong erection

In fact, low testosterone is a risk factor for early death!

This ultimate sex booster also increases your testosterone level!

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If dark chocolate increases nitric oxide..

do other forms of chocolate jack up your libido too?

    Dark Chocolate vs White

White chocolate does NOT occur in nature.
It is a money making invention.

But you pay the price..

With your health!

It is a sugar laden, adulterated form of the real thing and thus, does NOT have the health benefits of dark chocolate

Real Dark Chocolate-what it is!

In its original state, chocolate is full of:

  •  Natural flavonoids

  •  Polyphenols

  •  Essential Fatty Acids

  •  Minerals

  •  Antioxidants

  •  Anti aging factors

  •  Immune Boosters

  •  Anti-inflammation factors etc.

All these beneficial ingredients are what give it its unique health properties

They are the reasons dark chocolate increases nitric oxide and boost your sex drive

Health Versus Profits

Naturally, these flavanols are bitter, but extremely healthy

  Enter money minded Chocolate manufacturers!

In order to "enhance the taste", they process out this bitter taste and add sweeteners.

But the process is more involved than that

First, the manufacturers squeeze out the fats.

 That, is a bad move!

 Because these are beneficial Essential Fatty Acids that have been shown to benefit the heart, the whole cardiovascular system, the brain-and MORE

This results in healthy blood vessels

Healthy blood vessels secret more nitric oxide.

Here is a direct way dark chocolate increases nitric oxide and boosts your manhood

Of Fraud and And Unhealthy Biochemistry

Then, the manufacturers intend to improve the texture and taste by alkaline processing the chocolate

You remember Acids and Bases from your High School Chemistry, don't you?

The process of "alkaline processing" chocolate actually darkens it.

This is how inferior chocolate is sometimes passed off as Dark Chocolate

And that's the problem.

"Alkaline processing" strips the nutrients away from healthy dark cocoa

After man performs his Voodoo Chemistry on this healthy product, what you get is a sugar-filled, unhealthy fattening product.

  •  Whereas dark chocolate increases nitric oxide and improves your bedroom performance..

  •  Whereas dark chocolate is actually a weight loss product..

What you get after processing is a fattening, sugar laden food that predisposes you to:

   Heart disease



   Fatigue etc.

And ALL these, are risk factors for erectile dysfunction!

How to tell real dark chocolate

from unhealthy fakes

So how do you distinguish between the dark chocolate that increases nitric oxide from the ones that can destroy your health?

Read labels!

"The old" method of using ORAC factor has been thrown out by the government

The percentage of raw chocolate may be a more accurate measure.

Unfortunately, it is hard to find real RAW DARK CHOCOLATE..

Because, as I said earlier on, the dark color is not an indicator of quality; that dark color could be faked!

This fake chocolate type may be dark alright, but it does not have the beneficial flavanols, that boost serum nitric oxide

Erection on demand

If the manufacturer is really confident about the quality of its product,
the package should list the percentage of polyphenols/flavanols.

The difference is raw dark chocolate that increases serum nitric oxide and sex drive..

And the adulterated "dark chocolate" that has little or no polyphenols that destroys your health and makes you fat!

Indulge in the "Guilty pleasure" of dark chocolate.. and have great sex!

  •  Nitric Oxide increases sex drive and protects the whole cardiovascular 

  •  Raw dark chocolate increases nitric oxide

  •  The healthier your cardiovascular system is, the greater the ability of
     your blood vessels to synthesize more nitric oxide

  •  And the easier it is for you to get erection on demand!

 Benefits of Polyphenol-rich dark chocolate

     Why you should eat more dark chocolate

Cocoa beans is one of nature's fantastic super foods, conferring so many health benefits

     Dark chocolate, antioxidants
            and brain health

Dark chocolate contains powerful polyphenols and antioxidants.

Free radical damage has been linked to:

  •   Heart disease

  •   Premature aging

  •   Alzheimer's disease

  •   Erectile dysfunction

  •   Wrinkles

  •   Even Cancer etc.

Dark chocolate contains more antioxidant power than Blueberry or Red Wine!

And that's saying a lot!!

  •  Dark chocolate increases nitric oxide level in the bloodstream.

  •  Nitric oxide facilitates better blood flow to all parts of the body,
     including the brain and the penis

  •  It also protects the flexibility of blood vessels.

  •  This protects you from high blood pressure and its complications

  •  Dark chocolate prevents platelet clumping, protecting you from strokes,
     without the risks of internal bleeding like aspirin

  •  The polyphenols in dark chocolate serve as powerful anti-inflammatory

The brain consumes about 20% of your body's Oxygen supply and energy, even though it is 5% of body weight!

     Dark chocolate and weight loss

  •  Chocolate is an appetite suppressant

  •  It also has an abundance of Chromium

  •  Chromium helps in:
         a. The metabolism of sugar
         b. Energy production
         c. Reduces the risks of diabetes
         d. Neutralizing free radicals etc.

  •   Chromium reduces your risk of Diabetes.
      Diabetes is one of the serious risks of Obesity
  •  Dark chocolates has high iron content-in fact, it contains
     314% of the United States recommended daily average of Iron
     per serving.

    This makes more energy and Oxygen available to the cells-what people  especially need during weight loss

    So, dark chocolate increases nitric oxide..
    but it does much more.

    Chocolate Energy and Magnesium

 Dark  Chocolate contains theobromine.

This helps the body produce higher energy

The Aztecs knew this feature because dark chocolate is a staple in the rations of their warriors

Another component of dark chocolate that gives it its high energy feature is Magnesium

In fact, the cocoa bean has the highest level of magnesium of any food on earth

If you crave chocolate, it may be because you're deficient in Magnesium!

Unfortunately, a lot of people are deficient in Magnesium

If you are impressed by the fact that chocolate increases nitric oxide and hard erection, you should be no less impressed by its other health benefits

Dark chocolate is a happy food

We all know from experience that chocolate lifts mood

That is because of its content of..

  •  Serotonin, the good mood hormone

  •  Anandamine, the bliss nutrient

  •  And Tryptophan

   Dark chocolate lowers blood pressure

Dark chocolate increases nitric oxide

Nitric oxide helps the body normalize blood pressure

Here is the research that confirms that consuming dark chocolate lowers blood pressure
Read it for yourself

This research had been confirmed by another one, this one from Germany-Department of Pharmacology, University Hospital of Cologne, Cologne, Germany.

It says that consuming polyphenol-rich dark chocolate reduces blood pressure"

This researchers concluded that "inclusion of small amounts of polyphenol-rich dark chocolate as part of a usual diet efficiently reduced BP and improved formation of vasodilative nitric oxide."

It is well to remember that nitric oxide boosts erection and lower blood pressure by dilating blood vessels

  Dark chocolate digestion and immunity

Ever wondered what happens when you eat some chocolate-assuming it is the dark kind?
Gut microbes act on the indigestible parts of dark chocolate

This results in the release of anti-inflammatory compounds

Gut bacteria also act on Fibers, flavanols such as catechin and epicatechin that cannot be digested in the digestive system, in the colon.

Once again, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant products are the end result These fight free radicals and reduce your risks of cardiovascular diseases and colon cancer, have anti aging properties, and protect your brain.

That research comes from Louisiana State University and reported in this edition of Los Angeles Times

About 80% of your immunity is tied to digestion

Here is how dark chocolate boosts your immunity

It is now apparent that the fact that dark chocolate increases nitric oxide is NOT the only reason to consume this super-food

Want to know how powerful an erection booster raw dark chocolate is?

The Incas knew that dark chocolate increases nitric oxide and boosts libido

They forbade their warriors on vacation, from taking chocolate into town!


They did not want men with that kind of high sexual energy roaming wild and pouncing on women to satisfy their urge!

If you need any more evidence of the power of dark chocolate to supercharge your love life, there it is.



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