Disaster preparedness takes a new urgency in the age of pandemics and other emergencies

The best time to prepare for disasters is BEFORE they happen!



When disasters strike..

Help may not be on the way!

Government may not be able to help you..

even if it wants to

Services will probably be overwhelmed

Supermarkets may have been looted empty

Pharmacy shelves will probably be bare

Hospitals will be full to the brim..

You may not be able to get to these facilities because the roads may have been damaged

Or clogged with vehicles trying to get to the same place!


What are your plans for disaster preparedness?

Disaster preparedness-your key to survival

How days of food do you have if your city is locked down by the authorities?

How many days of water do you have?

And if the water supply is undrinkable because it is contaminated..

Do you know how to make it drinkable?

How do you plan to defend against marauding crowds looking for food, water and other supplies?

I bet you never thought about all this, did you?


    You better start thinking
    about it..

    before it's too late!

What can go wrong in a disaster

What can go wrong?


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