Disaster preparedness takes a new urgency in the age of Corona virus pandemic and other emergencies

The right disaster preparedness plan is how to survive and save your life in an emergency

WHY should you take disaster preparedness seriously?


When disasters strike..

Help may NOT be on the way

  • Government may not be able to help you.. even if it wants to
  • Emergency vehicles may NOT be able to get to you because roads are impassable
  • Services will probably be overwhelmed
  • Supermarkets may have been looted empty
  • Pharmacy shelves will probably be bare
  • Hospitals would probably be full to the brim
  • You may not be able to get to these facilities because the roads may have been damaged
  • Or clogged with vehicles trying to get to the same destination!
  • Your food would spoil because there would no power to run your refrigerator

The best time to prepare for disasters is BEFORE they happen!

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How about a food you can easily make that could last over 2 years..

  • without refrigeration
  • without spoiling

In fact this food is so unique and nutritious that NASA gives it to its Astronauts!

Why you should have a disaster preparedness plan

  • What if you call 911 and there is no one at the other end
  • What if you have no choice of going to the hospital because it is overwhelmed
  • What if you are afraid to go to the hospital for fear of catching an even more deadly disease such as Covid-19
  • Can you feed your family if and when everything is shut down for weeks-even months
  • Would you be able to deal with the stress of such a scenario

May be you are saying to yourself..

That is alarmist..

It will not happen

Guess what


Ever heard of the Corona virus?

But that's NOT the only disaster looming in our future

How about the effects of Climate Change..

  • On our health

  • Food production

  • Human habitation

  • Population displacement etc.

These are some-and more disasters that you need to think about

And it does NOT matter where on earth you live..


What is your disaster preparedness plan?

Are you ready?

Have you made plans for you and your family to survive a disaster..

if one happens tomorrow?


Disaster preparedness Quiz

  • How many days of food do you have if your city is locked down by the authorities?
  • How many days of water do you have?
  • And if the water supply is undrinkable because it is contaminated..
  • Do you know how to make it drinkable?
  • How do you plan to defend against marauding crowds looking for food, water and other supplies?
  • And if you are injured or sick can you treat yourself if the hospital is NOT operating OR full to capacity

Never thought about all these?


    You better start thinking
    about it..

    before it's too late!

What can go wrong in a disaster

What can go wrong?


and everything!

How to survive disasters-natural or man made

When these bad things happen..

  • You may not be able to buy food even IF you have the money

  • You may be surprised to find friends and neighbors going hostile because they too, are trying to survive and protect their families

  • Your car would be of no use and your social status would be of no relevance

  • The only thing that would help you would be the level of disaster preparedness you have implemented BEFORE the disaster strikes

Best way to survive a disaster?

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