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How do you get a hard penis without falling for the shrill ads of ED drugs?

  HOW? realizing there are better ways to get a hard erection, other than harmful drugs

You won't know that from the intense jockeying by the drug companies to be the first to corner the erectile dysfunction solution market

So the FDA had approved the drug, Stendra, in 2012 as a remedy for erectile dysfunction.
But that does not mean the competition is over

how to get the hardest erection and last longer

Get bigger longer lasting erection, increase testosterone, Boost serum nitric oxide-without drugs!

     Health Risks of Testosterone

A lot of men in their anxiety may turn to testosterone drugs
Here is where the FDA warns about the health risks of testosterone gels


       A hard erection-greatest gift for your woman


     A hard erection at what

Yes, a hard erection is desirable by any man, but NOT at the expense of his health!

  Anyway, Stendra's side effects include headaches, stuffy nose, redness of the face, trouble with vision, hearing loss etc

  Oh, and this drug also can sometimes give you an erection lasting over 4 hours-a condition known in medical parlance as Priapism

  Just what you want..



Balance male hormones, defeat Andropause,Increase Physical Stamina, Decrease Body Fat, naturally increase the male sex drive, Feel Younger

Now, any man knows that's not a good thing at all.
Not only can getting a hard erection that lasts this long be painful, it can be outright dangerous!!

How common is Erectile
Dysfunction in men of all ages

It is estimated that there are over 30 million men suffering from erectile dysfunction in the U.S alone.   But the market is actually bigger than that.
Even now, millions of young people in their twenties find it hard to get and maintain a hard erection, mainly because of unhealthy lifestyles

How You can get stronger erections

Get away from riding a bike

The nerves that help you get a hard erection and maintain it are put under undue pressure on a bike ride

Buy loose fitting underwear

This allows your organ to breath
Lose weight if you are overweight; obesity is a major risk for erectile dysfunction as we have seen

Reassure yourself that it is alright

If you cannot get erection, remember love making does NOT have to necessarily involve sex

Concentrate on intimacy over intercourse. This will probably lower your anxiety level about sexual performance

Stop smoking

Smoking can lead to arteriosclerosis.
This can restrict blood flow to the penis and the whole body in general.

Not only that, smoking is a risk factor for high blood pressure; and high blood pressure is a risk factor for erectile dysfunction

Avoid stress

Stress can prevent a man from getting a hard erection.
Stress can lead to high blood pressure and overeating.

Stress is also a risk factor for heart disease, high blood pressure.
All these are risk factors for erectile dysfunction

Get harder long lasting erection without the health risks of ED drugsGet hard penis, delay ejaculation and be the greatest lover she ever had with toe curling orgasm

How to get a hard penis

A lot of men-young and old-have problems with erection

There is a high probability that the number is going to get even bigger 
A lot of young people are now obese.

Obesity can reduce a man's ability to get a hard erection, even at a young age.

These are future patients to market to-at least that's how the drug manufacturers may be looking at it

Huge profits from erectile dysfunction drugs

The companies vying for a stake in this market will have to come up with a drug that works fast

That way getting a hard penis would seem effortless

After all, it would be embarrassing to ask the woman to wait while you "work up" a firm erection

Or you can stall for time with small talk or foreplay before your erection kicks in

But in all this scrambling, no company has been able to come up with a drug that makes sexually satisfying a woman safe

Witness the side effects of all the other erectile dysfunction drugs-Viagra, Levitra, Cialis etc.

All these generate explosive profits for their manufacturers

Here is something else they also have in common

They ALL have side effects so serious, it is better to seek natural alternatives-and believe me, there is a natural way to get a hard erection

That a drug is approved by regulating agency does not mean that it is safe.

Drugs are routinely recalled-you know that by experience

Mind you, these drugs were once approved by the same

regulating agency that eventually recalls them.

And erectile dysfunction drugs are no different

    A hard penis-would you trade
your health for it?!

And if these drugs are eventually recalled, it could only mean

  • The regulating agency did not know enough about the drugs before approval-a reason to withhold approval in the first place
  • The manufacturer did not tell the whole truth (lied?) when it applied for approval
  • The regulating agency and the manufacturers colluded together to pull a fast one, even while not enough is known about the drugs

So who is looking out for your manhood?

O.K, so the drug is recalled
   but only AFTER the fact

  • Many people have been harmed

  • Millions, maybe billions in profits for the manufacturer

And as for the patients (guinea pigs?) who had been harmed?

Oops! We didn't know
may be all they'll get

On the rare occasions when manufacturers are sanctioned:

Most of the compensations end up in the pockets of lawyers

And the amount of money hardly makes a dent in the profits such recalled drugs had already generated

There is no reason not to do it again..

It's been very profitable with few risks!

How to get your dick hard

So, where does that leave men who can't get a hard erection?

  Without any hope?


How about a non-drug approach..

a natural way to get a penis hard-on that does not compromise the user's health

We know that there may be underlying causes for erectile dysfunction
These would not lend themselves to an erectile drug solution.

These underlying causes have to be addressed-or any intervention-natural or otherwise, would not help a man satisfy a woman in bed

Besides, according to Larry Lipschultz of Baylor College, Erectile dysfunction may be a signal for an impending vascular disease

How to get hard and last longer in bedThe natural way to get hard erection, stay hard longer and last as long as you want until you give your lover the greatest body shaking orgasms

How does a penis get hard?

  There is more to a penis hard on than just popping a pill

Getting a hard erection is a complicated process of mind and body, working together.

There are several pathways for physical and psychological processes to work synergistically.

If any of these processes is interrupted, a hard erection may not manifest!

Why you can't get a rock hard erection

Several reasons, actually!

Poor Nutrition

There is no doubt that nutrition plays a crucial role in general health, certainly in the ability to get, and maintain a hard erection.

For instance, an adequate level of the sex hormone, testosterone, is necessary to get a penis hard.
Testosterone production declines with age, in general.

But having said that, a lot of older folks enjoy an active sex life
The synthesis of this testosterone depends on the presence of Arginine, among others.

What is arginine and how does it benefit erection?

Arginine is an amino acid.
It is made in the body but it also comes from our diet.
Stress and trauma can deplete arginine level.

It follows then that an inadequate level of arginine would, at the very least, make getting an erection a little bit harder

This also means that stress and trauma can make getting an erection difficult

Sources of arginine include watermelon, cocoa, beets, arugula etc.

Nitric Oxide

Another important nutrient is Nitric oxide.

In fact, this is the major nutrient responsible for the dilation of blood vessels, so blood can flow to the penis

Acetylecholine is required for the release of Nitric Oxide

Acetylecholine is a neurotransmitter
It helps the brain send and receive messages from other parts of the body-a kind of bio-feedback loop.

In fact, it is this acetylcholine that lets your brain "know" you want to have sex, so the brain can set the process in motion

Nitric Oxide relaxes blood vessels to accommodate greater blood flow

This extra blood flows to the dilated blood vessels in the penis is what causes penis to be hard

This blood is then "trapped" (prevented from "leakage") until after ejaculation.

Acetylcholine is made from choline-a B vitamin, in the body.

Sources of Choline

  • Egg yolk
  • Broccoli
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Black beans
  • Wheat germ
  • Cabbage
  • Organ meats
  • Bananas
  • Sesame seeds
  • Flax seeds
  • Peanuts
  • Butter etc.


Can't get a hard erection?
Obesity may be the culprit.

Obesity is a major risk factor for erectile dysfunction
Stuffing one's face with food is NOT how to get a hard on

   Obesity diabetes risk

A lot of obese people also suffer from diabetes

The nerve damage that can occur from the complications of diabetes can impair the ability to get a firm erection

Obesity heart disease risk

Obese people are also at risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, clogged arteries, and even brain impairment.

A defective heart would mean that the heart may not be able to pump adequate amount of blood to maintain a hard erection

Clogged arteries mean that ever narrower passage ways would make adequate blood flow impossible.

Not only that, the heart has to work extra hard to force blood through these narrow blood vessels.
This can lead to high blood pressure.

High blood pressure can damage the kidneys
Kidney disease is a risk factor for erectile dysfunction

Obesity and hormonal imbalance

Obesity can also interfere with hormone production.
We have seen how a hard erection is dependent on adequate hormone level.

Being obese can impair brain function.
Getting a hard erection depends on communication between the brain and the nervous system-with adequate level of acetylcholine.

Lack of Sleep

Sleep is very important for human health.

The body is programmed in a 24hr cycle.. fact, most natural processes are programmed according to one cycle or another

Cycles such as:

  • The rising of the sun
  • Phases of the moon
  • Sleep
  • Gestation in humans and animals
  • Digestion etc.

We humans spend about 30% of our lives sleeping.

In sleep, the body has a chance to rest, "de-stress", relax, repair
and recuperate

So what does this have to do with getting a hard erection?

      A lot, really!

Sleep Circadian Rhythm and Hard Erection

This Circadian rhythm-the cycle of sleep and wakefulness..

  • Greatly influences hormone production. A lack of hormonal balance can make it difficult to get a hard erection
  • Lack of sleep also increases stress level Stress, anxiety, fear.. ..all these are risk factors for erectile difficulty
  • Lack of sleep is a risk factor for obesity, which itself is a risk factor for erectile dysfunction
  • Lack of sleep is also a risk factor for heart disease; heart disease is a risk factor for erectile dysfunction!

A myriad of risk factors feeding on one another!!


Men with diabetes are at greater risk of erectile dysfunction
In fact it is estimated that a high percentage of diabetic men will develop erectile dysfunction to one degree or another.

Experts think the damage to nerves and muscles that happen in diabetes may be partly responsible for this

Erection requires healthy blood vessels.
Anything that compromises the integrity of the nerves can impair erection

Diabetics should be wary if undergoing erection dysfunction treatments that rely on drugs. Drug interaction is the major reason for this caution.


The Journal of Sexual Medicine reported that some men with moderate to severe cases of erectile dysfunction may be helped with supplementation with Niacin.

High cholesterol is a major risk factor for erectile dysfunction Niacin-Vitamin D3-lowers cholesterol naturally, according to this report


   Depression can sap a man's sexual energy. A healthy erection depends on..

  1. A healthy heart

  2. Healthy blood vessels

  3. Healthy nerves

  4. Desire-which originates in the brain

    Depression a major risk for erectile dysfunction

  Depression is a major risk for heart disease.
  Anxiety, stress, and fatigue are characteristics of depression.

  Depression puts its victim in an unhealthy mood.
  A lousy mood robs a man of the desire required for a hard erection

 Depression also depletes body nutrients-B vitamins, antioxidants etc.

  And we now know that inadequate nutrition is a risk factor for erectile difficulty.

Production of enough sex hormone might not be possible in the face of inadequate nutrition
   All these are risk factors for erectile dysfunction.
There is a strong chance that a man who is depressed would find it difficult to get a hard erection


Some medications can make it difficult for a man to get a hard penis.

One such case is prolonged use of Aspirin, and other NSAID (Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs)

   Research conducted by Kaiser on this class of drugs found that they can raise your risk of erectile dysfunction by 22%!

  Statins {Cholesterol lowering drugs}, depression medications-these also increase risks of erectile dysfunction, and can cause brain impairment etc.

   Other factors that can affect a hard erection include

   Heart Disease




   Physical Trauma


How to get hard penis on demand


If you smoke, here is one important fact you need to know..
Smoking hardens YOUR arteries!

This makes it hard for them to carry adequate Oxygen to all parts of the body.

  • This means the heart cannot pump enough oxygen to the brain, and the penis among others.

  • Not only that, the heart has to work harder to move this inadequate amount of oxygen through inflexible arteries.

  • The cells cannot function at peak level because they cannot get required amount of oxygen and blood.

  • This translates to what is referred to as the limp dick syndrome.

  • Smokers are more susceptible to erectile dysfunction than their non-smoking peers.

Increase Sex Drive naturally

  There is a natural alternative to the drugs that are now the standard treatments for erectile dysfunction

You can satisfy your woman in bed without compromising your health

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