Choose nontoxic cosmetics for the best organic and natural cosmetics and
avoid toxic cosmetics ingredients

The reason health conscious people choose nontoxic cosmetics is to avoid the more than 50,0000 dangerous man-made chemicals out there.


That's because your body absorbs a good percentage of what you put on it!

These inorganic chemicals can and do damage health

Choose nontoxic cosmetics today
Pay the price later on: The effects of these dangerous chemicals are cummulative
and may not show up for years

No one can claim s/he knows the long term effects on health, of these synthetic chemicals

This is what we do know though-
These chemicals are very lucrative for their maanufacturers-they are easy to synthesize

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Another fact is that these chemicals are everywhere, hard to avoid, and advertised so heavily it's hard for nontoxic cosmetics to compete

In fact, some people may not even be aware that nontoxic beauty products at competitive prices are available

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What goes on your body should be wholesome, so you would not be putting on your body, products that can make you sick

Whether they are lotions, soaps, shampoos or deodorants, the toxic cosmetic ingredients can end up in your blood stream, in your eyes, and even in your mouth

This is why nontoxic cosmetics should be the defaulth when choosing beauty products

May be you're thinking: Well, if the government allows it in the market place, it has to be safe

Do you really believe that?

Safe Make up-you decide

Anti-Aging Organic Formulas

Think about this for a moment...

Drugs are being recalled constantly

These drugs were once approved by government regulators

The reasons they are recalled is, contrary to the assurances of the manufacturers AND government regulators, the drugs are NOT safe after all

How do we know that?

It was found-after the fact- that the drugs are NOT safe...
After people's health had been damaged-and after some handsome profits for the manufacturer!

I am sure you're saying to yourself:
What has all these to do with nontoxic cosmetics?

Everything, when you think about it

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What I am trying to impress upon you is that because a product or ingredient is approved, does not mean it is safe

When it comes to your health, you're actually on your own

You have to be informed as to what is good for your health

The decision to choose nontoxic cosmetics or a soup of synthetic chemicals is yours- and the consequencies of that choice, will be borne by you

The regulating agencies can be fooled by profit driven manufacturers, into approving their products, even when they know of their adverse effects

16 consecutive times, the FDA refused to approve Aspartame as a food, on safety grounds

But another incarnation of the FDA, {read a more pliant one} eventually approved the SAME Aspartame

Nothing had changed-not the formula of Aspartame, nor the dangers it poses.

The only thing that changed were some of the officials at the FDA

Do you see why I said you are on your own? Officials can be corrupted- you pay the price with your good health

Here is another reason to choose nontoxic cosmetics-

Did you know that the fragrance manufacturers have access to, and are allowed to include over 3000 chemicals in their cologne, perfume, beauty waters etc.

And there is no requirement to even declare them!

Nontoxic Cosmetics ingredients are healthier for your body

But a choice of nontoxic cosmetics is even more important


This is because a particular drug is taken by a small number of people-a small percentage, relative to the general population

But cosmetics are used by almost everyone-to one extent or another

Ask any man or woman, most people use 6-10 different cosmetics EVERYDAY!! And some people use even more!!!

That's a lot of chemicals that interact with your skin, hand, eyes etc., every single day...

Unless, of course, you choose nontoxic cosmetics

Natural and Organic Cosmetic choice is a No-brainer...Really

This is my point: That an ingredient is generally considered as safe [GCAS], does not mean it is

Aspartame is in the market place. So many studies have linked this product to a host of health problems

In fact, the FDA [Food and Drug Administration: a United States agency] has a list of over 90 side effects of this product-and still has not banned it

But, it is in almost every food, soda, salad dressing, ketchup etc!

As I said earlier on, you're on your own. It is your responsibility to be informed

Anyway, let's see why choosing nontoxic cosmetics makes sense

We can do that by looking at what are in synthetic cosmetics as opposed to what's not in organic cosmetics

Here are some of the ingredients in regular, non-organic cosmetics

  • Alcohol
  • Benzene
  • Petrolatum
  • Butyric Acid
  • Petroleum derived ingeredients
  • Artificial colors, some of them from coal tar

And this is just a tiny fraction of the dangerous chemicals in regular cosmetics

Natural Cosmetics Choice Criteria

In deciding which are nontoxic cosmetics and which ones are not, I have a rule of thumb:

  1. If I have to consult a chemist to be able to read the labels on the package, it is NOT a safe cosmetic as far as I am concerned

  2. If I can not pronounce the ingredients, it's probably NOT a nontoxic cosmetics ingredient, and the product is not for me

  3. If I do not recognize most of the ingredients in the product, it is more likely not a safe cosmetic

Why are all these important?

In the United States, at least, personal care products are NOT regulated like foods and drugs

So cosmetic manufacturers can throw out terms such as:

  • Natural
  • Doctor recommended
  • Green

And their products may NOT be all that safe

And here is another fascinating fact in the discussion about nontoxic cosmetics...

Would you believe that dozens of ingredients in cosmetics in the United States have been banned in Canada, Europe and Japan?

For instance, some cosmetics in the U.S still contain formaldehyde

Formaldehyde is a known carcinogen. But that has not prompted any regulating agency to ban this product in cosmetics


Because, according to the law, the FDA does NOT regulate cosmetics like it does foods and drugs!

The more reason why you should know what are in what you put on your body

I recognize Jojoba Oil-I know it is a natural product, it is safe and it has centuries of use as a safe beauty product

I recognize Almond Oil, Avocado Oil, Kukui nut Oil, Aloe vera gel-I know these are natural oils whose use, safety and efficacy date back millenia

But I also recognize lead-as a poison, that is.

Any cosmetic containing this product can not be included in the list of nontoxic cosmetics

Lipsticks containing lead, should be regarded as the poison that it is

Why should you choose natural lipsticks?


  • Whatever gets on your lips can get in your mouth
  • Whatever gets in your mouth can get in your stomach
  • Whatever gets in your stomach can get in your bloodstream
  • And whatever gets in your bloodstream affects your health in a fundamental way

And lead is not what you want in your system

And there are so many sources from which you come in contact with lead in daily life

Choosing nontoxic cosmetics then becomes imperative

For your health's sake, the only option is organic cosmetics

Organic Skin and Hair Care Products
  1. Facelift without surgery

    How do people judge your age? By looking at your skin-especially the skin on your face. A smooth wrinkle-free face will make you look younger than your years.

    Click the link above for the best natural anti-aging cosmetics. You'll look younger, feel younger and boost your confidence, with a smooth youthful skin

  2. Natural Bath Therapy-yes, why not!!

    Soothing relaxing, rejuvenating bath therapy-that's what mother nature provides. No harmful ingredients-just botanical cosmetics at its best to soothe and relax you.

    Aaaaaaaaah! can't you just feel it-organic bath therapy at its best. Go get relaxed now

  3. Facial Nutritive Cream

    This is facelift in a bottle-all natural anti-aging facial care. Going under the knife is-well, expensive, unnatural, AND results unpredictable!

    Organic facial rejuvenation doesn't get any better than this!

  4. Organic Lip Savers

    You want beautiful lips, don't you? But did you know your regular lip products can contain cadmium, lead, aluminum, chromium etc. These are carcinogens

    This according to research from University of California, Berkeley. I'm sure you want safe natural lip care products over such chemical soup

  5. Organic skin care Lotions

    A choice of organic skin care products is even more important when it comes to lotions

    Why? Because we rub lotions all over the largest organ in the body-the skin. There is a greater chance of these harmful ingredients getting into our system, because of the skin's large surface area. Non-toxic cosmetics with organic ingredients, then become even more important to our health

  6. Natural Skin Polishes

    Want a glowing young looking skin? Well, who doesn't?

    Naturally beautiful skin requires natural skin polishes. These should be in your organic skin care collection

    The reason you want your skin polishes to be organic is because, whatever gets on you, can get in you. They had better be natural

  7. Organic Skin Scrub

    Exfoliate your skin to reveal younger looking skin below. BUT, you had better make sure you use gentle, non-toxic scrubs, or you can harm your skin. What to do?

    Natural skin scrubs, of course-which means you won't be putting harsh chemicals on your skin.

  8. Organic Serums for best skin health

    Serums are pricey, and we are talkin about those chemical soups.

    When you choose serums with botanical ingredients-the natural alternatives to harmful ones-you won't have to worry about harsh skin cosmetics. That's the advantage of nontoxic cosmetics

  9. Organic Skin Butters

    Why not give your skin a natural treat with these organic skin butters. Skin butters are supposed to nourish your skin. But if you do not make sure they from natural ingredients, you cannot be sure of the results you'll get

    Get natural skin foods that nourish your skin for a younger looking you

  10. Natural Organic Soaps

    Lipsticks, lotions, serums-maybe you might be able to do without these-for a while. BUT, you cannot do without soap.

    Soaps suds can get in your eyes, mouth, ears. Some regular soaps have ingredients that can damage your eyes, lungs etc. This is the more reason to make sure you choose soaps with natural ingredients

  11. Organic Facial Toners

    Tone your face to get that smooth, young looking facial skin texture. Your face is the part of your body the world pays attention to the most. Get a younger looking face that gives that world a good impressiom

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