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Government's Plan to Kill Y0u Slowly
November 13, 2016

Government's Plan to Kill Y0u Slowly


I was going to send you a very disturbing report about something I've wanted to write about for a while.

But this one is even more scary and outrageous

The Plan to Undermine YOUR health For Profits

Now, government and regulators say everyone 40 and over should be taking cholesterol lowering drugs..


they have some risk factors!

Here is the exact quote:

"The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force on Sunday issued new guidance for the use of cholesterol-busting statin drugs. The report greatly expands the universe of people who should be screened to see if they need the medication to everyone over age 40 regardless of whether they have a history of cardiovascular disease."

The operating words in this quote are: "-greatly expands the universe of people who should be screened to see if they need the medication"

Can you spell profits?

So now, the government would collude with drug companies just for profits!

This is in the face of same regulating agencies admitting that cholesterol lowering drugs can cause..
and listen to this..


If you've been paying attention to the reports I send you, you would notice that I devoted more than 1 of them to cholesterol.

That's because cholesterol drugs are the ultimate boogieman drug.

Here is where I, a while ago, outlined the bogus nature of cholesterol lowering drugs..

As admitted to by the the FDA, researchers and patients.

Please, go read it.

Low cholesterol IS a risk factor for:

  • Heart attack
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Diabetes
  • ALzheimer's etc.

I sent one of these reports to you in 2013

That's when Government regulators recommended Statins be prescribed for children as young as 12 years old!

I registered my outrage at this incredible wickedness.

Why is it wickedness?

Because statins [cholesterol lowering drugs] are some of the most dangerous drugs ever made
And the most profitable too!

Forget about the self serving opinions of "experts" on television

Then in 2015, the same authorities said you do not have to worry about cholesterol after all!

Know why?

Because cholesterol is good for you!

In fact;

  • Every cell in your body contains and needs cholesterol
  • Your brain needs cholesterol or you would be an idiot
  • Your brain has 25% of your body's cholesterol

Then comes this latest Cholesterol Guidelines

If you are worried about the health of your heart, Nobel Prize winning research has proved that nitric oxide is a natural option.

In fact, nitric oxide may be the most potent nutrient for overall health you'll ever find.

I'll be writing even more about the fraudulent nature of Statins.
I want to put in one report, the researches from various parts of the world the harm that statins can do to your health.

Some of these warnings about the dangers of cholesterol lowering drugs even come from the FDA!

Go figure!!

Look forward to this report.

I'll inform you how to get your hands on this report when I finish it.

Meanwhile, forward this to your loved ones, your friends on social media etc.

It is that important to know how to protect yourself from people who have no qualms about profiting from your ill health.

Till next time, this is Teejay saying..

Always make non toxic choices!

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