Use nitric oxide foods to
dramatically boost sex drive

What if there are nitric oxide foods that could skyrocket your sex drive and..

make you a certified beast in bed?

Nitric oxide foods boost serum nitric oxideThese nitric oxide foods increase serum nitric oxide for the best sex experience.

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What if some of these male enhancer foods are already in your kitchen right now.

Here is even greater news

Nitric oxide is NOT just for hard erection.

Nitric oxide benefits your overall health!

Nitric oxide food chart

Nitric oxide lowers blood pressure, reduces risks of heart disease and strokes by preventing blood clots. It reduces risks of Alzheimer's, boosts sex drive in men and women, improves memory etcNitric oxide lowers blood pressure, increases sex drive in men and women, reduces risks of heart disease and strokes, protects against Alzheimer's, help maintain muscle mass and tone etc

Increase testosterone and boost serum nitric oxide naturally

How to get hard penis and last longer

Nitric oxide sex drive

Even if you know what all the best foods that boost libido are..

I bet you aren't going to be logging around sacks of these every where you go

Fortunately you do not have to

Because the products I recommend on this page are the best combinations of the most potent nitric oxide boosters you'll find anywhere!

And this ONE, is the best nitric oxide foods supplement

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But, please read this whole page.
There is just so much useful information I don't want you to miss

Erectile Dysfunction heart disease connection

One of the major causes of erectile dysfunction are

  • Heart disease 

  • High blood pressure

Why nitric oxide foods are
important to your sex life

Because nitric oxide erection is the safest form of hard on


  • Because nitric oxide foods boost serum nitric oxide

  • And nitric oxide is the nutrient that allows blood vessels to dilate

  • Better blood flow at the right pressure is essential for a hard penis


nitric oxide is more than a libido booster.

Your health actually depends on adequate
supply of it!

What are the health benefits of nitric oxide?

 Arginine, Citrulline, Nitric oxide, Cacao/Dark Chocolate

  • Nitric oxide dramatically lowers blood pressure..IF it is too high!
    It does not do anything about your blood pressure if it is normal.
    That's what's so remarkable about this super nutrient.
  • It protects the integrity of endothelial cells
    Endothelial cells are cells that line the inside of blood vessels
    These are the cells that secret the greater amount of nitric oxide

  • This unique nutrient dilates blood vessels allowing more blood flow

  • Better blood flow is essential to bringing more blood, oxygen and nutrients to the penis and to every cell in your body

  • Better blood flow to the penis is necessary for hard erection

  • Nitric oxide lowers your risks of heart disease, and strokes by preventing blood platelets from clumping together

  • It protects the health of your brain, reduce your risks of Alzheimer's

  • It is an anti aging nutrient

  • Improves the delivery of blood, oxygen and nutrients to the cells

  • Reduces risks of Cancer

  • Helps the body generate more energy-2 of the major risks of Cancer are low cellular Oxygen and low cellular energy.

  This were the findings of Dr Otto Warburg's cancer
  research-a research for which he won the Nobel
  Prize in medicine..

   In 1931..

So yes, nitric oxide foods are the best male enhancers!
But they enhance your overall health


    AND all these..

  •  Without the side effects which Erectile Dysfunction drugs are known for

  •  At a fraction of what drugs would cost you

  •  Without any prescriptions

  •  And with benefits for your health in general

  •  And did I mention they are completely safe?


Best nitric oxide foods
in plain sight

You walk past these foods in your supermarket..

without even realizing their amazing erection enhancer power!

How common are these foods?

How about a vegetable that is one of the best nitric oxide foods?

I am talking about  ARUGULA!

Arugula is the highest nitric

oxide greens source!

And this is just 1 out of many foods that increase nitric oxide dramatically!

Well, here is where you'll find out what these foods are..

and how to use them to get yourself mind blowing sex..


Why nitric oxide is the best erection enhancer

  • When you realize the side effects of Viagra, Cialis, Levitra etc.

  • And the horrible side effects of Testosterone drugs-according to the FDA..

What choice do you have?

A good one, it turns out!

Oh, by the way..

Did you know..

Nitric Oxide Beat Viagra In Head to Head Tests

Don't believe me?

Here is the report in which nitric oxide beats Viagra as an erection booster in tests

And here is the best part:

Viagra is a drug with serious side effects..

You can get nitric oxide foods at your nearest supermarket!

But you do not even want Viagra in your system

Viagra can give you a heart attack-according to the FDA

Health Risks of Testosterone Drugs

Testosterone Drugs?

Don't even think about it.

Again, according to the FDA:

  • They can give you a heart attack

  • They raise your risks of cancer-especially of the prostate

  • Testosterone cream can damage the health of women and young girls

  • They can cause infertility

  • You could develop man boobs-in the words of Arnold, the Barbarian, you could start to be a "girlie man"

     How Not to do Business

In fact, thousands of lawsuits are pending against testosterone drug manufacturers in the United States.

Read more about the testosterone drug risks at this link

And if your testosterone is low, here is how you can naturally increase testosterone


..these nitric oxide foods have health benefits beyond getting a hard penis!

In fact, these libido booster foods benefit overall health in so many ways

How nitric oxide foods
benefit your heart

Your heart is intimately involved in getting a hard penis.

And foods that increase nitric oxide benefit your heart and gives you harder erection


To really understand how, we have to know:

1 What nitric oxide is

2 How it functions in the

3 And what happens when
  there is a deficiency

Read more about how you can take advantage of nitric oxide health benefits

     Eat nitric oxide
     foods for your health

Want to improve your health overall?

Want to eat your way to better health and great sex?

No drug needed!

Foods high in nitric oxide


Arugula, a high nitric oxide foodArugula is the highest source of nitric oxide-18 times that of Kale. Nitric oxide boosts sex drive in men and women, lowers blood pressure and benefits health in general

Of all nitric oxide foods, arugula is the highest source..

18 times the nitric oxide
content of Kale!

Arugula, also known known as salad rocket, is an edible Cruciferous vegetable.

It is rich in vitamins, minerals etc.

It is delicious in salads-lending it a peppery, spicy flavor.

Arugula boosts brain health

It reduces the risks of Osteoporosis

It reduces risks of bone fracture by virtue of its high content of Vitamin K

But above all, Arugula is high in nitric oxide and boosts sex drive

The Romans knew about,  and took advantage of Arugula as an Aphrodisiac!


 Vitamin C

 Vitamin A

 Folic Acid


 Vitamin B6

 Pantothenic acid etc.









 Potassium etc.

And of course, the highest level of nitric oxide of any food!


Kale one of the best nitric oxide foodsKale is a nitric oxide food source to jack up your libido naturally

Kale is a member of Amaranth family of vegetables
But it is more than a common vegetable.

This vegetable is one nitric oxide food that should be on your list

And when I tell you it is delicious to boot, I am talking from personal experience.

Aside from being a potent hard boner food, kale is also a powerhouse of Vitamins, minerals, phyto-nutrients, beneficial plant pigments that are also strong anti-oxidants

  And guess what?

It could be eaten raw or cooked

It gives salads a beautiful crunchy taste

Anti oxidants neutralize free radicals

Free radicals have been implicated in:

  • Aging

  • Erectile Dysfunction

  • Heart disease

  • Brain impairment

  • Arterial damage etc

    Consuming kale is one way to eat your way to better sex


Pomegranate increases nitric oxide in the blood to ovecome erectile dysfunctionPomegranates boost serum nitric oxide for the hardest erection

A fruit that is even more delicious than most fruits.
Pomegranate is high in Vitamin C, nitric oxide precursors, plant pigments etc

Pomegranate lowers blood pressure and benefits cardiovascular health

And these two factors are directly related to your ability to get a hard penis.

Pomegranate is one of those nitric oxide foods that is very important to health in general

Vitamin C is a very strong anti oxidant-and from previous you know how free radicals can destroy your sex life

                 Dark Chocolate/Raw Cacao

This is the food of royalty and royal banquets among the Aztecs.

Chocolate comes from the Cacao tree

Dark chocolate lowers blood pressure.
High blood pressure is a major cause of male impotence, heart disease, kidney damage, strokes etc

Dark chocolate is one of the highest sources of nitric oxide

It is the highest source of Magnesium
Magnesium is a mineral involved in tens of biological reactions in the body

Raw dark Chocolate-the food of the Gods, is loaded with polyphenols, flavonols, energy boosters etc

  • It has the highest amount of anti oxidants known..
    More than blueberries, green tea combined!

  • Has the highest amount of Magnesium-magnesium is involved in energy production and over a hundred reactions in the body

  • Has a high level of Iron

  • Essential Fatty Acids

  • Has a high Chromium content

  • Has impressive contents of Zinc, Manganese, Copper, Trytophan, Serotonin etc.

    In fact, dark chocolate is one of the planet's super foods
    It is one of the highest sources of nitric oxide

    This list does NOT exhaust the health benefits of dark chocolate

Dark chocolate boosts your sex drive and benefits your overall health


Watermelon boosts nitric oxide because of its high Citruline content so you get hard penisWatermelon a great nitric oxide food to defeat Erection Dysfunction and regain your manhood

When we talk about watermelon, we have to mention Arginine and Citruline in the same breath

You'll see why in a minute.

What is Arginine?

What is l-arginine?
Arginine is a unique amino acid-a non-essential amino-acid

But contrary to what that term seems to indicate, arginine is important for your health

The non-essential term just means your body has the ability to make it.

If the body can make it, why on earth do you need it?

 Well, here is why..

Arginine is a precursor to nitric oxide

Watermelon has a high Citrulline content

The pathway is Citrulline to Arginine to Nitric oxide

What are the causes low Arginine level?

The level of l-arginine may be low as a result of..

1. Age

2. Poor nutrition

3. Stress

4. Free radical damage

5. Smoking

6. Drug use

7. Pollution

8. Obesity

9. Clogged arteries

10 Strokes etc.

Watermelon is high in Citrulline..

From which Arginine is synthesized..

From which nitric oxide is synthesized

Watermelon is thus one of nitric oxide foods you need to regularly consume


             What is Betaine?

Beets have this unique nutrient called Betaine

Betaine is a strong anti-oxidant that neutralizes a particularly destructive free radical called homocysteine

Homosysteine is a particularly destructive free radical
It can age you prematurely and destroy your health at all levels!

Beets lower your risks of heart disease, and strokes
It is an anti aging food

Apart from being one of the best nitric oxide foods, beets also have other phyto-nutrients that protect good health

Here is one food with high Nitric oxide content

Beet is rich in many vitamins and minerals such as..

Beets a good source of nitric oxideBeets, a rich source of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide lowers blood pressure, gives hard erection, prevents heart attacks, prevents against Alzheimer's

1  Folate

2  Manganese 

3  Copper

4  Magnesium phosphorus,

5  Vitamin C 

6  B Vitamins

7  Iron

8  Fiber

9  Vitamin A

10 Potassium

11  Zinc etc.  

Want a good source of nitric oxide for ED?
Eat plenty of beets!

Brown Rice

Brown rice is rich in Vitamin E, an antioxidant.

Any nitric oxide supplement that is effective has to have anti oxidants to protect it because it is unstable

Rice bran, which had been polished off white rice is where most of its nutrients are.
These include vitamins and oils

The level of Nitric Oxide goes up in the blood after consuming brown rice

Brown rise is one of those nitric foods that are readily available


Walnut is another food with a high Potassium, Magnesium and Vitamin B6  content.

But it is also loaded with other vitamins, minerals, proteins, fatty acids, anti oxidants etc.

Jack up Your Libido-satisfy your woman in bed

So what are you going to do?

Avoid intimacy because you're afraid you might not be able to perform-again?
You'll rather avoid the embarrassment!

Or you're going to take advantage of these nitric oxide foods and get your manhood back?

If you'll rather get back in the game, then click this link or other links and banners on this page

Are you healthy for sex?

But in order for you to take advantage of these products you have to be healthy for sex.

Why can't you perform in bed?

Here are some of the reasons you might NOT be able to perform in bed:

  • An unhealthy cardiovascular system

  • Heart failure

  • Strokes

  • Hardened arteries

  • Clogged arteries

  • Fatigue

  • Low cellular oxygen

  • High Blood Pressure

  • Poor blood circulation

  • Low Testosterone

  • Low nitric oxide level

               Health Benefits of Sex

  • Sex has been found to lower stress level
  • Couples live longer
  • Sex is a biological necessity

 Will sex just be a memory for you?

Or are you going to take advantage of the resources on this page!

What are the best nitric oxide foods?

1. Spinach

2. Nuts

3. Purple Cabbage

4. Peanut butter

5. Cranberries

6. Walnuts

7. Garlic

8. Cayenne

9. Swiss chard

10 Brown rice

11 Salmon

12 Onions

13 Honey

14 Shrimp

15 Swiss chard

16 Peanut butter

17 Cranberries

18 Purple Cabbage

19 Arugula

20 Green leafy vegetables


Yes, Sunlight!

Are you one of those afraid to go into the sun?

Well, it turns out that the sun IS a nitric oxide "food!"

When the sun hits your skin, your skin releases nitric oxide
No, I am not recommending you roast yourself in the sun

But it turns out the sun can give you a helping hand in the bedroom!

      Beware of Nitric oxide Supplement Scams

Sure, there are many nitric oxide foods supplements all over the place.

But how do you know which one to buy?

For one thing, you just can't consume pure nitric oxide

It is not possible!


In the first place..

        It is a gas!

In the second place, it is very unstable.

So how do you get it?

Chump on pounds and pounds of beets, dark chocolate, or pomegranates?

Yes, you can do that!
And you'll benefit from it.

But how many pounds of beets can you log to work everyday?

You can't, can you?

But you do not have to!

You can take advantage of the products on this page

Click on the banners or links right now, while it is on your mind..

..and while you're right on this page

Feed your body nitric oxide foods-such as Arginine, Citrulline, beets, dark chocolate etc., that's how.

And the products I am recommending on this page.

Your body then converts them to nitric oxide

You know by now that nitric oxide is very unstable-and it is a gas!
Anti oxidants are included to protect it from being destroyed in the gut

  This, is the ONLY way it can get into your body

That's why you see these formulas include anti oxidants, polyphenols, flavonols, flavonoids, vitamins, minerals etc.

If any nitric oxide formula does NOT contain these strong anti oxidants and these support nutrients..
Do not waste your money..

        DO NOT BUY IT!

Your body would not be able to use it.

Here again is the link to the best nitric oxide supplement

What are the best ways to increase serum nitric oxide

       How Important is your sex life
       to you?

I've done the hard work of finding you the best, most effective nitric oxide foods.

As I said earlier in this post..

Sex is a biological necessity!

A lot of men who commit sexual crimes against women are sexually frustrated.
Or cannot connect with women!

Your heart also has to be healthy enough for sex
YOU, have to be healthy overall for sex
And these products make sure you are!

Now the ball is in your court.

       Here is what you do right now!

Click on one of the banners and/or links on this page that applies to you
Restore your libido and be the man you used to be

Natural way to get hard erection How to stop premature ejaculation How to boost testosterone

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