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What IF You Could Be Healthy Without Drugs?
June 23, 2019

Your Health-Who's in Charge of It?

Your most precious asset is your health

Here are 2 mantras of mine that should also be yours

  • My health IS my responsibility-if I do not care about it, no one will
  • Whatever is going to kill me is NOT going to get my help

Consider synthetic drugs for instance..
Are they medicines or toxins?

Do this IF you think that question is absurd

Take note of drug ads on TV. Pay attention to the admitted side effects

These drugs for the most part do not cure. They are disease management products

In most cases, the patients take these drugs for years, sometimes for life!

It is a model of Perpetual Profits for drug manufacturers

In a lot of cases, these drugs barely beat placebos in clinical tests!

Such is the case with Addyi, a libido booster for women from Srout Pharmaceuticals

But Addyi barely beat a placebo in clinical tests and with serious side effects too

Consider this

Did you know Viagra can give you a heart attack

It is not the only erection drugs that destroys your health either

You should NOT have.. to trade your health or life for intimacy

If your soldier won't stand at attention at the command of its general..

Then, you need to read this article


The FDA recently issued safety warning about the diabetic drug Invocana


Invocana increases your risk of leg amputation!

Which is ironic

Because one of the major risks of diabetes is leg amputation!

You couldn't make this stuff up even if you tried

The drug for reducing the risks of diabetes actually increases that risk

There are some experts who now think YOU can reverse diabetes

A lot of people who are diabetic do not even know it

Unfortunately, about 86 million people in the US are Pre-diabetic

If you engage in SAD, you run the risks of many diseases, including Diabetes

What is SAD?

Standard American Diet!

I'll be writing more about SAD later

So make sure you open the email I send you, and visit my website regularly

Till next time, take care of your health, it's your most precious asset

And do not lend a hand to what's going to kill you!

Till next time, I hope you'll always make non-toxic choices

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