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Whys is man the only creature that drinks milk after they are weaned?
November 01, 2015

The truth about milk that will shock you

The ads are convincing.

Milk, it does a body good, the ads proclaim

But does milk really do a body good?

To answer that question, let us turn to that entity that has the most experience in this kind of stuff..

Millions of years of experience, in fact!

Who, you ask?

milk and allergies

None other than Mother Nature herself.

Observing nature, we find that animals would NOT drink even their own milk after they are weaned!

Do I hear you say that your cat or dog drink milk?

Well, let me say that your argument has no legs to stand on


Because the only animals that drink milk after they are weaned are those under human care!

Left to their own instincts, animals will NOT drink milk

It is also informative to note that most adults do NOT have milk digestive enzymes in their system
This fact has spurned a lucrative market for chewy pills to help people digest dairy products

You've heard of lactose intolerance haven't you?
Well, they are not intolerant to milk, they should not drink it in the first place.

I know what you are thinking:
Milk supplies calcium, and the government, and maybe your doctor told you to drink milk to get your calcium.

Well, I do not intend to spoil your day, but calcium in milk is not readily available to your body.
The term experts use is Bio available-Calcium in milk is not that bio available
You are better off with Collard greens, Almonds, and other nuts for your Calcium

And here is even worse news about milk..

Researches have even proved that drinking too much milk can weaken your bones.
So much for drinking milk to prevent Osteoporosis!

So, of what use is milk then?

Milk is for babies!

Mammary secretion immediately after birth is NOT really regular milk!

It is mostly composed of Colostrum

What is Colostrum?

Maybe nature's most perfect food!

The new baby has no immunity to fight infection

Consisting of ALL known immune factors-and more-Colostrum is how the mother transfers immunity to the baby
This protects the baby against diseases in a new hostile world

  • Colostrum also helps the baby have its first bowel movement.
  • Not only that, Colostrum helps in the rapid development of the baby

Colostrum is produced in the first 1-3 days after birth.
After that, the mammary glands produce regular milk.
But even this milk helps the baby in its development.

This is why mothers should breast feed their babies!

For the sake of the baby..
And the health of the mother too!

Breast feeding reduces the mother's Cancer risk

Here is another good thing about Colostrum:

Colostrum benefits adults too.
In fact, this product is one of the wonders of nature

Get Colostrum at this link

Here is where you can read about the health benefits of Colostrum

And here is another thing.

Did you know that before the proliferation of Antibiotics, Colostrum was the natural antibiotic of choice?

That fact is very significant, in light of the fact that most antibiotics have now been outsmarted by mutant germs!

You don't hear about that because the authorities do not want you to panic.

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