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How to lose weight fast without dangerous drugs
March 08, 2012

Most people are now realizing that weight loss may involve more than just eating less.

There are some people who swear they are eating right and still can't lose weight! In fact, some overweight people do not eat more than their slim peers.

So why can some lose weight and some cannot?

The answer may be more complicated than some self proclaimed weight loss gurus would have you believe.
But the solutions are less complicated with the right knowledge.

Seemingly unrelated factors can actually be sabotaging your weight loss effort.

For instance, would you believe that sleep deprivation may be preventing you from losing weight? If you do not get enough sleep, your body may not get the message from your brain that you're full.

Here is another: You are more likely to over eat if you eat too fast.

Another factor may be parasite infection. Parasites? Yes, parasites! Read this post to see what I mean.

Why haven't you been able to lose weight?

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The weight loss industry is so lucrative that it is hard to know what to believe, and has attracted the attention of the big boys.

But their approach of the big boys is to sell you drugs that have serious side effects.

In fact, it was because of the side effects of weight loss drugs, that the FDA has not approved a single one in 13 years-that is until now.

But this new weight loss drug-the SAME drug the FDA rejected in 2010- has some serious side effects too-seizures, high blood pressure, high pulse rate etc.

We were just told-with a straight face, mid you-that the benefits out way the risks!

Which may be true-the drug companies reap the benefits in massive profits, YOU, take the risks with your health-a bad trade if you ask me.

Let me ask you this: How much is your health worth to you?

Especially when there is a safer way to lose weight.

Read this post about a safer, healthier choice-and do not forget to download your free e-book.

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