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How to boost your brain power
July 04, 2013

Brain Fitness Techniques

Is your brain older than you?

Most people do not mind getting older-there is nothing they can do about it anyway.

What people are scared of, is getting old-more precisely suffering the debilitating consequences of getting old.

But of all the fears of getting old, that of cognitive decline is what scares people the most

Which is not an unreasonable fear. Which is why people are looking for effective brain boosting methods

Brain decline can be very devastating. If you start to forget the names of your children, or you forget where you live, then the quality of life drastically declines.

One of the most cruel diseases in the world is Alzheimer's disease. This disease robs its victims of their memories.

Our memory is what we rely on to know our way home, know who our spouses are, or remember the names of our children. This is why preserving your memory is of the utmost importance.

Memory is how we re-enjoy past experiences. Memory can also bring up unpleasant events. But even these unpleasant memories serve a purpose. They let us know what caused us some pain in the past and why we should avoid them.

But we can preserve brain power-in fact, we can actually boost brain functions

It is a lie to think that only older folks have to worry about memory loss and brain impairment.


Because the many risks of brain impairment are also engaged in by young people

Besides, that you're older does not mean your brain will turn to mush; that you're younger doesn't mean you'll have a brain at peak performance either

Here are some of the risks of brain decline

  1. Obesity
  2. Lack of sleep
  3. Some medication
  4. Illness
  5. Poor nutrition
  6. Depression etc

As you can see, even young people suffer from these risk factors

A healthy brain is yours for the asking

The state of health of your brain-in fact, your health in general, depends on the totality of your lifestyle from your youth to old age.

If you have been boozing it up, puffing it up and wilding it while you are young, promising yourself you'll clean up your act later, you might be in for a rude surprise. Brain fitness should be practiced by everyone at any age-Or you could wake up one day with a brain older than your chronological years!

How can you boost your brain power and prevent cognitive decline?

Healthy lifestyle choices, that's how. It sounds simple, doesn't it?

Memory loss is not just an old folks disease.

You can boost your brain power, at any age. The brain is that flexible.

How do you prevent cognitive decline?

By exercising the brain! Yes the brain responds to exercises!!
No, you can't hook a dumbbell to it and make it lift weights, but the brain responds to exercises unique to it.

According to study published in a July 2013 issue of Neurology, you can preserve, and even boost brain power by..

  1. Reading
  2. Writing
  3. Other brain stimulating activities

This research further suggests that doing a variety of brain stimulating activities can help prevent cognitive decline.

Read more about other brain boosting methods by following this link now

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