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How to get and maintain a strong erection naturally
October 26, 2013

Get a hard penis naturally and satisfy your woman in bed

Getting a Hard Erection

Turn on your television and you are immediately confronted with ads-several of them in fact-about testosterone boosting drugs

Yes, men with erectile dysfunction have high anxiety about their manhood-after all, a man's sense of his manhood hinges on him being able to satisfy his woman in bed

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When this ability is diminished or is totally lacking, his sense of self plummets

It is this anxiety that drug companies are trying to monetize!

Health risks of testosterone drugs

But here is the point. A lot of men who can't get a hard erection do not need any supplementation at all

And even if they do, testosterone drugs should not be an option at all


Because a lot of men suffering from erectile dysfunction may not have low testosterone. Their problem may be low Estrogen!

Say What?

Isn't Estrogen a female hormone?

Yes it is, but new research now says that Estrogen plays important part in male bodies too. A low level of estrogen, this research says, can actually cause erection problems!

Who Knew?

According to the FDA, testosterone drugs can cause:

  • Loss of bone mass that can result in fractures
  • Higher risk of heart attacks
  • Infertility
  • Higher risks of cancer of the prostate
  • Lower sperm count and volume
  • Depression
  • Hot flashes-yes, men do get them too
  • Memory problems

Read more about the dangers of testosterone drugs by clicking this link


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