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Enhance Your health by being an informed consumer
October 28, 2012

You're responsible for your own good health

What do you think is your most precious asset?

  1. Your home?
  2. Your car?

While all these are important, your most precious assets is actually your good


  • If you lose your house you've lost something of value
  • If you lose your car, you've lost an important asset.
  • BUT, if you lose your good health, you've lost your most precious asset

Everyday, we are bombarded by opinions from experts.

Some of these experts spew out self-serving advice.
Some have conflicts of


So, who do you trust?

Common sense, your own instincts, and independent researches

According to research-this one from McGill University-most Oncologists[Cancer doctors] would not undergo, or let their loved ones undergo chemotherapy.

Well, you're saying:
Wait a minute, these should be the very people advocating this type of therapy-after all, they are cancer doctors.

They DO advocate this therapy-to others, that is-other than themselves and their loved ones!

What does that tell you?

And speaking of Orwellian double-speak, did you hear about that Stanford University research that concluded that organic foods are no more nutritious or healthier than pesticide drenched foods?

That came as a surprise to a lot of us.

But the research undercut itself by admitting that eating organic foods reduces the consumer's exposure to pesticides.

I'll take that advantage any day, even if that's the only advantage, and there are more. Knowing the risks of pesticides to human health, eating non-toxic foods is a healthy habit

And this is not the only risks to our health.

See, some of the products that pose serious dangers to our health are hiding in plain sight.

In fact, we never think of them as such, and they have been passed on to us as healthy products in sleek advertising, with pretty models wearing fake smiles.

Take sodas for instance.

Consider this report from the American Journal of Epidemiology.
This report states that men drinking more than a quart of soda a day have a higher risk of being infertile.

This is not an isolated research on the dangers of sodas though

Here is another one-a a Greek study that links sodas to risks of muscles weakness, muscle paralysis, teeth problems, diabetes, leaching of bone material. etc.

Don't take their word for it though, why not conduct your own simple research.

  • Take some soda, especially a cola, drink a mouthful but don't swallow it. Swirl it in your mouth for, say, 10 seconds.
  • Spit it out or swallow it-your choice.
  • Then, gently rub your lower set of teeth to the upper one. Or rub your finger over your teeth.

See how it seems some materials have been leached from the tips of your teeth?

And they have!

Sodas pose other dangers too-Sugar.
Sodas are laden with tremendous amounts of sugar.

This high sugar content is a risk factor for type II diabetes

But it gets worse, sugar is bad enough, but most of today's are sweetened with artificial sweeteners such as High Fructose Corn Syrup and Aspartame in all its incarnations.

These products are NOT healthy, whatever anyone says.

It is significant to note that the obesity epidemic worldwide coincides with the proliferation of these sugared drinks.

Diabetes is also on the rise where it was unheard of before.

Aspartame is an an especially unhealthy product.

How unhealthy?

See what Aspartame is made of and you decide:

  • 50% Phenlyalanine
  • 40% Aspartic Acid
  • 10% Methanol

In fact the FDA rejected this artificial sweetener 16 consecutive times-on safety grounds-until political influence peddling put this poison on your plate.

One of the metabolites of aspartame in the body is formaldehyde.

You would remember that formaldehyde is a product used in embalming

One of the metabolites of aspartame in the body is formaldehyde

It is a recognized carcinogen

What do you think it can do to your body?

Want to really lose weight? Avoid sodas for 2 weeks, drink plenty of water, and take a brisk walk 3-4 times a week


You'll be surprised about your result.

For a more comprehensive weight loss strategy, follow the link

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