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The money mongers will..

  • Pump you full of drugs
  • Sell you more drugs for their side effects!
  • And line their pockets full with your hard earned money

BUT, only..

IF..You let them!

But YOU can get healthy without drugs

The best protocol is NOT to be sick in the first place!

      Lies and damn lies that
can kill you

Bogus claims such as this ad from

yesteryear that claimed that you

could lose weight by smoking Cigarettes!


Such an ad actually ran!!

See a copy of the ad below

Such bogus claim today would make you an honored guest of the warden..

..complete with some shiny orange wardrobe!

Trim Cigarettes--Puff the Pounds Away

These and more are what I inform in Natural Health news

Some of them are reported in Specialized publications that do not circulate to the general public

Which is where Natural Health News comes in

I research obscure information that could enhance your health

If you were a subscriber to Natural Health News, you would know all these and more!

A lot of the information out there is put out to facilitate the sale of drugs

  Pay attention to safeguard
your health

Your health is your most precious asset!

Guard it jealously..

Because if you don't, nobody

AND drug companies would monetize your every itch and may send you to an early grave!

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