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Heallthy naturally by making healthy choices
March 02, 2014

How to take your health into your own hands

Be healthy Naturally

Can you trust health researches nowadays?Here is a study questioning the advantages of breastfeeding over bottle feeding We know breastfeeding reduces the risks of obesity, asthma, immune diseases.

Colostrum, the first secretion of the mammary glands of animals confer great health advantages on the baby. Colostrum also has antiviral properties

The health advantages of Colostrum has been known for millenia
It is through colostrum that the mother transfers immune factors to the child, who is at the mercy of opportunistic germs, since the baby's immune system is not yet developed

But let us use some common sense.

Over millenia, animals have breast fed their young, and there is no question about the advantages of this practice But now this research says maybe we are not so sure

But we ARE sure!

Animals still breastfeed their young. Man is the only one who thinks he knows more than Mother Nature

As I said earlier, it is now apparent that researches are suspect. It is very difficult to trust any research, because a lot of them are tainted.

  1. Some researches have conflict of interest.
  2. Some of the research are funded by entities that have a predetermined result in mind
  3. Some of these researches are conducted by people who stand to profit from a particular result.

A lot of people think the regulating agencies charged with protecting your health are asleep at the wheel.

How would you explain medications that are prescribed to alleviate a problem-not cure, mind you-but have 5 equally serious side effects?
Witness the outcry now about the risks of testosterone treatments.

Even the FDA now warns about the health risks of testosterone medications.

You are aware of the barrage of testosterone ads on television. Men are scared into opening their wallet, even though these pose serious health risks.

But there are non-toxic ways to increase your testosterone-no side effects. Did you know about another research that questioned the advantages of organic foods over non-organic?

Even though that research conceded that the absence of pesticides on organic foods might confer some health advantages And how about the new guidelines about cholesterol that would more than double the number of people on Statins, including children!

Are you kidding me?

  1. Never mind that Statins actually increase your risks of heart attack
  2. Statin can cause erectile dysfunction
  3. Statin can rob you of your memory
  4. Statin can cause muscle weakness

That's right.

The medication to lower your cholesterol increases your chance of heart attack.
But you should not be surprised.

These Statin ads actually stated-in fine print of course-that statins has not been shown to lower your risk of heart disease!

What is the point then, you ask?
Profits, that what the point is!

BUT, these statins have not been recalled
Oh, by the way, did you know a cholesterol level of 130 or lower is a risk factor for heart disease, infertility etc. And yet, your doctor wants you to lower your cholesterol below 100!

The danger of statins have been known for a long time. If you're worried about your cardiovascular health read a post a made a while ago
Here is another reason for you to take your health into your own hands and not trust the experts.

By now, you know sugar is one-maybe the most dangerous food product in your kitchen right now.
Sugar is bad enough, but what you have in most foods on supermarket shelves today, is Aspartame, in its various incarnation as Equal, NutraSweet etc.
This poison causes Formaldehyde to accumulate in your body among its many harmful effects-and there are more.

Where have you heard about Formaldehyde before?
Oh, yes; It is the fluid used in embalming Do you relish being embalmed from the inside out, while you're still alive?
Not only that, formaldehyde is carcinogenic!

It is significant to note that the FDA rejected Aspartame 16 consecutive times-on safety grounds That is until a more pliant FDA, succumbing to political corruption, did

And the other sweetener is no less toxic to your health. I am talking about High Fructose Corn Syrup. The manufacturers of this other sweet poison hope to confuse you by trying to relabel HCFC, Corn Sugar.
But it is no less toxic because you change the name

Does it smell funny to you, that a lot of people who work for health regulating agencies end up working for those same companies they used to regulate, after their political careers are over?

The more reasons why you should take your health into your own hands

Till next time, stay healthy and make non-toxic choices

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