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How to Be the Best Lover without Drugs
April 08, 2018

Are You Vigorous at ALL Times?


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Last Week I promised I would send you a video about how to reverse diabetes naturally

  • No insulin shots
  • No prickly needles
  • No weird stuff

Well, here is that Diabetes Reversal Video

But I have more good stuff for you today

Get to Sleep to be more Vigorous

Here is a post from the LA Times Mar 08, 2018
This post stated that lack of sleep is a libido killer

But this is not really news
Because some time ago-before this LA Times piece-I made a similar post showing how sleep deprivation lowers testosterone and kills your sex drive.

You can read that post at the link.
On that page is also a Free 2 Week Supply of the best Natural Male Libido Enhancer

But sleep deprivation lowers sex drive in women too!

Though ads for testosterone drugs dominate ad spaces off and online, concern about female libido is also getting the attention of drug companies.

Which is why Sprout Pharmaceuticals put pressure on the FDA to approve its female libido enhancer, Addyi.
This, in spite of the fact that the FDA had rejected this drug on 2 previous occasions
Not only that, Addyi, also known as Flibanserin, has many dangerous side effects
Flibanserin barely beat a placebo in clinical tests

Lack of adequate sleep affects health at various levels
Sleep deprivation contributes to weight gain
Lack of sleep is why some people cannot lose weight
Lack of sleep also lowers immunity, reducing the ability of your body to ward off infections and diseases

This should get your attention, especially in light of the fact that a lot of antibiotics are losing their ability to kill germs
Some disease germs have now mutated to effectively make a lot of antibiotics useless

And antibiotics are ineffective against viruses anyway!

So if you find yourself not performing like you use to do, all you need may be a good night's sleep

Do not fall for the hype about testosterone drugs
This report from Consumer Reports says testosterone drugs can increase your risks of Prostate Cancer!

Please share this!


Take care of your health-it's your most precious asset!

Till next time, I hope you'll always make non-toxic choices

Thank YOU

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