How to reignite sexual desire
  after childbirth reawaken your
 desire for erotic pleasure enjoy body shaking orgasms

How do you reignite sexual desire

after childbirth

hsdd postpartum natural treatment to unleash the sexual beast in you once againOne of the causes of Hypo active sexual desire disorder in women is childbirth The mother carries the baby for 9 months There is hormonal fluctuations and stress during this period These make it difficult for the mother to reignite sexual desire after childbirth

..a woman goes through a lot of physical and emotional changes during, and after pregnancy!

  • Reignite sexual appetite after childbirth
  • Stop missing out on the joy of sex
  • Reawaken your desire for erotic pleasure
  • Enjoy knee buckling orgasms again!


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How Common is HSDD In Women

HSDD is more common than most people think

Hsdd in women affects different age groups for several reasons

BUT, low sex drive after pregnancy poses a different challenge for new mothers

hsdd in female age groupsHypo active sexual desire disorder in women is the absence of sexual desire This may be caused by trauma, disease, stress, childbirth Whatever the cause there is help Childbirth is a special category of HSDD cause The trauma of pregnancy and childbirth makes a new mother more vulnerable to low libido The challenge then is to reignite sex drive after childbirth

Rekindle Sex Drive After Childbirth

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Why Do Women Lose Sex Drive After Childbirth

A lot of women would like to reignite sexual appetite after childbirth..

      the desire is just not there!

Why not?

  • Postpartum Depression
  • Postpartum recovery takes time
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Unhealthy body image such as a big belly
  • Wider hips
  • Sagging, bigger rear end
  • Overall weight gain
  • The baby takes most attention and energy
  • Resentment towards partner because she does most of the work
  • Breastfeeding
  • Physical and emotional birth trauma
  • Fatigue
  • Feeding the baby several times day and night changing diapers, baby crying is draining
  • Feeling undesirable because a baby came out of a canal that her lover might not feel romantic about
  • Fear of another pregnancy
  • Stretchmarks
  • Acne
  • Vagina tear so fear of painful sex

With ALL these coming at you, the last thing on your mind is rekindling your sexual desire fact, do not feel bad IF you try to avoid sex altogether

..and do not be surprised if this attitude lasts for a long while!

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Get Your Sex Life Back

Postpartum hsddHow to reawaken your libido after childbirth Why is it hard to get turned on after having a baby? You are not alone if you feel this way But it does not have to be that way You can get libido back after pregnancy Take advantage of the resources on this page

How long does it take for libido to come back after pregnancy?

It depends on several factors for different mothers

It may take months for your sex drive to regain your libido to pre-pregnancy level..

3 months
6 months..

these timelines are not unusual according to baby center

And if you have tears during vaginal birth, it could take longer according to this article from Healthline

Even IF you have Caesarean birth, the time for scars to heal is not conducive to craving sex after giving birth

You were pregnant for 9 months

You can wait a few weeks, months for your body to adjust to reignite sexual desire after childbirth

How to regain libido after giving birth

Yeah, we are pregnant!

Joyous occasion indeed

Now the baby is here

But, there is a little problem..

..actually a big problem

You are not so hot for sex anymore!

How do you get turned on after childbirth, reignite sexual desire to a level before pregnancy?

How to Reignite Sexual Desire After childbirth

Want to unleash the sexual beast in you after childbirth enjoy knee shaking orgasms like porn stars

Here are some of the things you can do right now to boost your sex drive after having a baby

  • Get enough sleep-which is hard to do considering that the baby takes most of the time of the mother day and night
  • Talk to your partner to help with the baby
  • Eat right especially IF you're breastfeeding
  • Consider taking some natural supplements
  • Let go of the guilt of not being available to your partner
  • Practice some meditation and relaxation techniques
  • Relax with your partner without expecting sex as the ultimate goal
  • Give yourself time to recover from the physical and emotional trauma of child birth
  • Engage in long foreplay
  • Use a natural lubricant
  • Exercise-do not overdo it, your body is STILL recovering
  • Reduce stress
  • Consider some sexual aids

Get Better sleep to Rekindle Libido After Baby

sleep improves postpartum libidoLack of sleep could destroy your sex life Lack of sleep is a risk factor for stress Stress can upsets your hormonal balance Lack of sleep causes fatigue Fatigue destroy your sex life

Why is it hard to get turned on after having a baby

Here are some of the reasons you may not be able to reignite sexual desire after childbirth

Postpartum depression

Some women fall into depression after childbirth

Pregnancy and childbirth are traumas
The baby depends on you for his/her physical and emotional health even in the womb

No wonder you suffer from postpartum depression because of..

  • 9 months of physical and emotional
    trauma of carrying a baby
  • Hormonal and mood fluctuations
  • Unwanted weight gain etc.
Postpartum Recovery Time

Because of the trauma of pregnancy it takes
time for you, the mother to recover physically and psychologically..

  • Time to achieve hormonal balance
  • It takes time for the physical wear and tear of childbirth to heal
  • It takes even more time for emotional wear and tear of childbirth to heal

    So if you do not want sex after childbirth right away, relax..
    that, IS normal
    Give yourself time to reignite sexual desire after childbirth 
Unhealthy Body Image

  • A big belly
  • Wider hips
  • Sagging rear end
  • Overall weight gain..'s not hard to imagine how these
    may make a new mother feel undesirable
    These could sap your self esteem and confidence

    The good news is-you are not alone
    A lot of new mothers would want to know
    how to rekindle sexual desire after childbirth

Resentment of Partner

You do most of the work of feeding,
bathing, and attending to the needs
of the baby

This can cause resentment towards
your partner

  • Talk to your partner
  • Ask for understanding and help
    taking care of the baby

A positive response from your
partner can help you reignite your
sexual desire after childbirth

Can We Talk?

Get turned on after childbirthChildbirth is a stressful and traumatic experience Some women lose their desire for sex after this joyous event The challenge is to find ways to reignite sexual desire after childbirth so you do not lose your relationship with your partner


Breastfeeding can cause Low Libido in new mothers But you can reignite sexual desire after childbirth naturallyThe hormones produced to facilitate the production of breast milk could actually decrease a woman's interest in sex There is also a higher level of Cortisol, a stress hormone that could also over eating
Low Estrogen level

The mother's body produces less Estrogen after birth

There is a higher level of Prolactin to increase milk supply

There is also a higher level of Cortisol

Cortisol is a stress hormone!

These hormones actually suppress the level of Estrogen

One of the consequences of low Estrogen is Vaginal Dryness

This is aggravated by breastfeeding

The net effect of all these is low libido

In the face of this, it is very difficult to reignite sexual desire after childbirth-at least not right away

Lower Cortisol to Boost Libido

High Cortisol Level

You have seen how Cortisol level is elevated after childbirth

So what is Cortisol..

and how does its level make it difficult to regain your sex drive after having a baby?

Well, Cortisol is a hormone secreted by the body under stress

Cortisol IS needed by the body
But a too high level is unhealthy 

Here are the health risks of high Cortisol level

  • Increases stress level
  • Disrupts sleep patterns
  • Diminishes sex drive
  • Causes Fatigue
  • Causes Over eating etc.

Lower Cortisol to healthy level with Cortisync

Cortisyn is a combination of 7 natural Adaptogens to help you reignite sexual desire after childbirth

Fear of Another Pregnancy


the mother just had a baby


     Did you know a woman could get pregnant just
     weeks after a baby?

This possibility of being pregnant again is why some new mothers lose interest in sex after giving birth

  • She remembers the 9 months of pregnancy
  • She remembers the fluctuations of hormones and associated mood changes
  • The pain of childbirth
  • The vaginal dryness that occurs after childbirth especially if she breastfeeds

Why New Moms Avoid Sex

This is why new mothers try to avoid sex
They have not even fully recovered from the effects of the last pregnancy

So why not just avoid sex altogether!

Reignite female libido after childbirth so soon?


A lot of women would pass on that until after weeks, even months

Unless of course, they take advantage of the resources on this page to heal, boost low postpartum libido and start enjoying delicious sex again

Lose After Baby Weight

Lose weight after having a babyHow to lose weight postpartum lose over all weight and get fit again

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