Best supplement for bladder leakage to stop urine leak tame overactive bladder achieve normal urinary frequency

What is the best supplement for bladder leakage, combat urinary incontinence and regain control of your bladder?

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Best bladder control supplement for urinary incontinence
Stop wetting your pantsFemale bladder leakage solutions to get control of your bladder Stop bladder leakage with the best treatment for overactive bladder If you always ask-What can I do to stop bladder leakage-here is a non drug way to treat incontinence at home Strengthen bladder muscles to stop the embarrassing situations of peeing in your pants in public Stop frequent urination without bulky pads or surgery

Use the best supplement for bladder leakage to fight incontinence

Bladder leakage is NOT just
an inconvenience

     It could ruin
your life!

  • Incontinence can ruin your social life
  • Bladder leakage can destroy your relationship
  • Urine leakage can increase your stress level
  • Urinary incontinence disrupts good sleep pattern
  • Urine leakage can sap your confidence
  • Uncontrolled urination could be unhygienic
  • Over active bladder could embarrass you in public

Which calls for the best supplement for bladder leakage so you can get control of your life back!

Are You suffering from loss of bladder control?

Introducing the most effective way to stop Embarrassing bladder Leakage


Confitrol24™ is for men and women who suffer from loss of bladder control

Confitrol24™ is the most effective supplement for bladder leakage on the market

It is doctor formulated and clinically proven to..

  •  Support strong bladder tone 

  •  Strengthening the tissues of the bladder

  •  Stop the embarrassment of wetting your

  •  Strengthen pelvic floor muscles

  •  Supports urinary tract health etc.

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Urinary Incontinence-How common is it?

Urinary incontinence affects 1 in 3 women

That's a staggering number!

Urinary incontinence treatment to stop frequent urination, tone bladder muscles and regulate urination frequencyNatural treatment for urinary incontinence Bladder leakage affects more women than women If you wake up to pee too many times at night; if you always have a sudden urge to pee and if you suffer urine leakage and wet your pants too often, this supplement for bladder leakage is the natural way to go A doctor blended, clinically proven supplement to treat incontinence at home, this is a blend of potent herbs to take control of your bladder

I know what you are thinking..

..if that's true, why then hasn't this commanded a lot of attention?

In the absence of this lack of attention, what then is the best supplement for bladder leakage?

Causes of incontinence

  • Child birth

  • Underlying health issues

  • Unhealthy lifestyle choices such as smoking

  • Nerve damage

  • Age

  • Obesity

  • Diabetes

  • Cancer

  • Some medications

  • Bladder and kidney infections

Symptoms of urinary incontinence

  • Do you find yourself urinating more than 7-8 times a day
  • Do you urinate just a thimble when you do pee
  • Do you suddenly have an urge to pee
  • Do you wake up several times a night to urinate
  • Is your need to pee making it difficult for you to have a good night's sleep
  • Do you leak urine when you're exercising, laughing, coughing or lifting loads
  • Do you experience urine leakage during sex?

What is the Best Supplement for Frequent Urination

Best natural supplement for frequent urinationDoctor formulated natural incontinence remedy to gain control of your bladder stop the embarrassment of uncontrollable urine leakage and strengthen pelvic floor muscles Comes with a 67 Day Iron Clad guarantee!

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Urinary incontinence in women

If you ask people what the 2 top health complaints in the U.S are, you would likely hear..

  • Pain

  • Stress

I won't argue with that list

But I want to add another one that was brought to my attention by a friend of mine

  Bladder leakage!

Some people refer to this as  Urinary Incontinence

Incontinence affects more women that men

Incontinence is characterized by uncontrolled urine leakage from the bladder

Bladder leakage could be very embarrassing, especially in public!

A wet crotch is not something anyone relishes
You are afraid to cough, laugh, or sneeze because.. could unwittingly pee in your pants!

You get up too many times at night because..


You have to pee!


There is help..

a natural one!

Incontinence Remedy-Doctor Approved Clinically Proven

This natural supplement for bladder leakage formulation of..

  • Ayurvedic

  • Chinese and

  • Western herbs..

..can help you tone your bladder and strengthen your weak pelvic floor muscles

Tone your bladder muscles and overcome urinary incontinence with this doctor formulated, clinically proven supplement for bladder leakage

  • no dangerous medication

  • no expensive surgery

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Peeing in your panties and a Wet Crotch-I know you do not relish that

Involuntary urine leakage can be very embarrassing

And when it happens in public, the humiliation could destroy your social life and destroy your self esteem

Peeing in your pants can make you smelly!

Of all other bladder leakage solutions, using a good supplement for bladder leakage is the most convenient, cheapest and effective method

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What is Urinary Incontinence?

Urinary incontinence is the involuntary leakage of urine from the bladder

It is characterized by frequent urination

The Bladder holds urine until it is time to evacuate it

When it is time to urinate, your bladder tightens to push urine through the urethra..

The urethra relaxes to let the urine out

At least that's the way it's supposed to work

When the bladder muscles relax without warning, urine leakage can occur

Urine leakage can disrupt many aspects of your life..

  • Social

  • Marital

  • Professional

    There are many types of Urinary Incontinence

Types of Incontinence

Stress Urinary Incontinence

This is the most common form of incontinence

In stress urinary incontinence, urine leakage happens because of pressure on the bladder

This pressure could come from various sources such as..

Factors that make you pee in your pants when you have a weak bladderBest natural supplement to stop bladder leakage strengthen weak bladder muscles and stop the public embarrassment of involuntary urine leakage
  • Coughing

  • Laughing

  • Sneezing

  • Bending

  • Jumping

  • Sex

  • Lifting

  • Obesity-this can cause pelvic floor muscles to weaken

  • Athletic/physical activities

Urge Urinary Incontinence

In urge urinary incontinence, the bladder contracts signaling an "urge" to urinate even when the bladder is empty!

This can cause "accidents"

Under normal circumstances, the brain gets the message that the bladder is full, triggering the urge to pee

In reflex incontinence, the brain-bladder communication is disrupted

Causes of urgency incontinence

  • Bladder infection

  • Spinal damage

  • Brain damage

  • Disruption of spine-bladder communication due to nerve damage

Whatever the type of urinary incontinence, a good supplement for bladder leakage should help..

  • Tone bladder muscles
  • Strengthen pelvic floor
  • Give you better control of urinating frequency

Treatment of bladder leakage

These are areas that Confitrol24 addresses

This is what makes it the best supplement for bladder health

How effective is Confitrol24
bladder incontinence solution

Well, take a look at this chart then see if Confitrol24 is good solution for your excessive urination

I am sure you'll agree Confitrol24 supplement for bladder leakage is the best way to stop urinary incontinence

In a Clinical trial of Confitrol24 spanning just 2 months..

Here are the results!

  • 60% reduction in overall urinary incontinence

  • 75% of users reduced pad usage-yes, a lot of people use pads to absorb urine that leaks uncontrollably

  • Nearly halving of nighttime urination so you can sleep through the night

  • Reduced urinating frequency throughout the day

What can the best bladder leakage treatment do for you

How about IF this supplement for bladder leakage could..

  • Tone bladder muscles

  • Strengthen pelvic floor muscles

  • Promote healthy urination

  • Support strong bladder tone

  • Reset to healthy urine frequency

  • Strengthening the tissues of the bladder

    AND it is ALL natural!
Bladder leakage solution to eliminate urinary incontinenceBladder leakage.. it happens to millions Urinary incontinence is embarrassing But what if there is a natural supplement to treat urinary incontinence and stop frequent urination What if you could strengthen a weak bladder and strengthen pelvic floor muscles without drugs Well, You could Take advantage of the best supplement for bladder leakage on this page Overcome the constant urge to pee for good

What's in the best supplement for bladder leakage

The ingredients in this

Confitrol24 bladder incontinence supplement iron clad guarantee

Here is the best part of this..

The manufacturer is so sure about the power of this bladder control supplement that it is willing to back it up with this unheard of guarantee

A 67 Day Guarantee..

Try it for 67 Days..

If it does not work for you..

Return for a FULL refund..

even IF the packet is empty!

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Urinary Incontinence-a neglected epidemic

Urinary leakage is more common that people realize

The usual treatments could be..

  • Invasive

  • Expensive

  • Carry some health risks

That's why I am enlisting your help in spreading the good mews about this natural supplement for bladder leakage that can help you and your loved ones regain bladder control


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