What if aging youthfully is the key to living longer getting healthy and avoiding age related diseases?

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Listening to experts, aging youthfully seems almost impossible.

BUT is it?

How to get older in perfect healthBeat father time at its own game Get healthy as you grow older Retain all your senses Boost your immunity to prevent diseases normally associated with the aging process so you are healthy and strong enough to play with your great grandchildren
Getting older not old is the way to stay healthy at any age. That is being young and healthy, not superficially but at cellular levelGet older Not old.


Maybe you may not live to 300 years..
..but how about if you could live to..

100 years..

  •  In good health

  •  With all your marbles

  •  And without the indignities and diseases associated with the
     aging process

  •  Would you be more productive? 

  •  Would your life be more full of


Aging youthfully-how do you go about doing that?

Watch Dr Lamm explain in this video the secret to aging youthfully on the Television Show, The View

Here is the anti aging and hormone balancer Dr Lamm recommends
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Longevity Secrets of People of  

Unless you've been living on the moon, you've heard about the legendary people of Okinawa of Japan

Been vigorous and healthy into their 90s and beyond-is the norm with Okinawa people

Their Secret?

          Good nutrition!

In fact, the World Health Organization says our ill health is directly related to poor nutrition!

Retain your sex drive at any age

Natural Sex enhancer for females

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Look Good Feel Good Be Healthy

Aging youthfully is NOT just about looking good-even though that is laudable

  • An anti aging regimen is really about being healthy

  • Defeating the process of aging is about not being susceptible to the diseases normally associated with aging

  • Wanting to be young is about being vigorous at any age

  • It is about enjoying life every time-instead of having to endure aches and pain most of the time

  • Getting older without getting old has to do with avoiding gulping down medications with dangerous side effects.
    A lot of "OLD" people are on 5-some even 10 medications
    In most cases, these people do not get better..
    ..they just get by!
    They are existing instead of living!!

The Ultimate Anti aging Super food that Beats Them ALL

In order to maintain your health, age young, and disease proof your body, you have to feed your body the right nutrition.

You and I know that's almost impossible nowadays

Incredible anti Aging Food for Men

This awesome power food for men is the best supplement to

  • nourish the male body..

  • turn back the hand of Father time

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Consisting of 102 ingredients-yes you read that right..


it's all natural from Mother Nature herself!

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Here is how to age young

  • Eat right

  • Get some sleep-7 to 9 hours a day

  • Reduce stress

  • Drink enough water

  • Exercise

  • Learn a new language to exercise your brain

  • Lose weight if you are overweight

  • Avoid sodas

  • Limit sugar consumption

  • Avoid artificial sweeteners

  • Maintain some social support

  • Laugh

  • Periodic fasting

  • Periodic bowel cleanse

  • Forgive

  • Control your temper

  • Do not multiply your wants..
    Your needs are few..
    Trying to satisfy your wants is what put much stress on you

  • Try to please yourself, not others

  • Keep a clean conscience

I know you might be wondering how all these relate to aging

But trust me, these are some of the major things that lower your immunity.
They are what age you at the cellular level!

 Have Scientists finally discovered
the fountain of Youth?

Maybe they have..

 Maybe they haven't


           There are steps you can 
           take to turn back the
           aging clock

How to get older without getting old

Here are what to implement to stop the aging process in its tracks

Niagen the Ultimate anti aging supplement

Niagen raises levels of NAD+ and may reverse many of the effects caused by aging.

Niagen acts as a precursor to NAD+ and activates Sirtuin genes.
This greatly improves mitochondria efficiency to "improve intracellular communication."

And mitochondria efficiency is at the heart of living longer, aging young and healthy

In fact, the research of Dr Otto Warburg conclusively proved that the major causes of Cancer are low cellular energy and oxygen

A discovery for which he was awarded the Nobel Price..

In 1931!

Mitochondria are the energy generators of each cell

Niagen helps you age young at the cellular level-that is you get young from the inside out!

Longevity and Good Health

Beware Of Experts!

Experts do not know everything; in fact they've been consistently wrong.
Here is what one expert said about aging youthfully:

"No currently marketed intervention..
 none, has been proved to slow, or reverse human aging.


Also, according to experts in aerodynamics, bees should not be able to fly. But bees DO fly- hundreds of miles in fact-to gather pollen and pollinate plants. This is how we get our foods. And bee products-honey, bee pollen, royal jelly-are some of the healthiest products on earth.

What's more, bee keepers on average live longer. Thank God bees can fly. And some believe that bee products are vital components in a regimen of aging youthfully!!

Brain health

Do you know what scares people the most about aging?

Losing their memory!

Not being able to recognize your loved ones..
Or forgetting that you just ate is devastating

Brain fog, senior moments, are some of the terms used to describe these moments.

But it has nothing to do with aging, believe me

The best brain of your life

Renew your brain power

The brain has the capacity to regrow new neurons
It can build new pathways to take over the functions of damaged parts

Afraid of losing your marbles?
Don't be.

Take advantage of the most amazing discovery of the science of reversing and preventing cognitive decline

Keep Your Brain Young Click the button

Good Nutrition Is an anti aging Protocol

In fact we know that good nutrition is the foundation of good health and youthful aging

Aging youthfully IS possible!

If aging youthfully is a pipe dream, you may start to wonder:

  • Will my body and mind break down as I get older?

  • Will I lose my cognitive function and become an object of pity instead of respect

  • Will I be a burden to my loved ones?

  • I haven't accomplished all I want to but I do not have the energy or the brain to do so much any more

  • Time is running out on me and I still have some things to offer the world

Maybe you've been listening too much to some of the experts..

So according to these experts,

what happens to you as you get older?

If you believe these experts, as you get older:

  • Your heart gets weaker

  • You lose your libido

  • You develop wrinkles

  • You develop wrinkles

  • Your eyesight starts to weaken

  • Your immune system goes down the tube

  • You start to bald

  • You're more prone to depression

  • You start to lose your memory

  • Sex is just a distant memory 

  • Your stomach now rests on your knees

  • Do dates and names become difficult to recall? etc

Are you kidding me?

I don't know about you, but these are not what I want to experience as I get older

Who wants to live past 30 if that's all there is to look forward to?


What if your health does NOT deteriorate with age?

  • What if you could live to 120!

  • What if your health does NOT decline with age?

  • What if you could do in your 80s what you did in your 30s?

In fact, what if your health actually improves with age?
What if you can do most of what you used to do into your 80s?

Sounds impossible?

Don't be too sure.

Suppose aging youthfully is in the realm of possibility?


               IT IS!

Aging and Sex Drive

Sex does not have to be a memory because you're getting older

In fact, I can say with much confidence that low sex drive has more to do with unhealthy lifestyle than age

Sure, testosterone may diminish as you get older.
But that does NOT mean that you cannot perform in the bedroom

And if you think your testosterone level is low, do not fall for the hype of testosterone drugs.

Or subject yourself to the health risks of Viagra as admitted by the FDA

Here is a natural libido enhancer for men and natural libido Enhancer For Women

And speaking of Viagra

Did you know that nitric oxide beat Viagra in head to head tests to treat Erectile Dysfunction!

Click the link to get rock hard erection without drugs

Can We reverse or delay the aging process

A protocol for aging youthfully would have to address and neutralize the consequences of aging to be effective

Biology of Aging

New researches are getting scientists excited about longevity and health.

These researches are tantalizing and point to the fact that man can live past the century mark..

 ..In good health!

Aging youthfully is NOT a pipe dream after all-if these researches are to be believed.

And one product that is generating such buzz is Niagen!

Niagen has been called the "God Vitamin"

This is a remarkable anti aging product.
This is a product that is generating so much buzz in the health field

              So what is Niagen?

This is a natural product that in experiments seemed to switch off aging genes.

These aging genes switch on at a certain age. These genes should normally be off.

Switching these genes on seems to accelerate the aging process.

Niagen in experiments, reversed the aging process in mice and yeast.
This research could also be extrapolated to humans

The research into Niagen have been conducted in prestigious Universities such as Harvard, MIT, UCLA etc.

This is tantalizing.
These researches seem to confirm that aging youthfully as the years roll by is possible


 The idea of aging youthfully is possible..

In fact, Niagen has been proved to do just that!

The Brain-body's master computer

Of all aspects of aging, the one people dread the most is an aging brain.

And rightly so too.

But the good news is that the brain can be made to age young too

The brain, with 5% of body weight, consumes about 20% if its oxygen supply!

And a disproportionate amount of the body's energy supply too

The brain, like the rest of the body has to be fed proper nutrients for peak cognitive performance

What if:

  1. You can improve short term memory
  2. Increase concentration
  3. Dramatically increase long term memory
  4. Skyrocket brain performance
  5. Focus better with laser accuracy
  6. Remember the numbers in your cell phone contacts

While some people might confuse longevity with healthy aging, there is nothing desirable in living a long life on aches and pain.

      Anti aging power of Fucoidan..

Earlier on this page, I talked about the people of Okinawa
These people are famous for their longevity.

But aging youthfully is not just about living longer.
It is about living longer in good health

  • The people of Okinawa live long in good health!

  • Heart attack is rare even among old Okinawans

  • They retain their senses as they age and are almost proof against the diseases associated with the aging process

   What is the secret of Okinawa people of Japan?


Yes,I talked about Fucoidan earlier on.

I am mentioning it again because it is an amazing

nutrient from none other than Mother Nature

    What is Fucoidan?

  It is the secret of people who never get sick!

An extract of Brown Seaweed that seems to defend the body against the ravages of time-at the cellular level.

Plus, the people of Okinawa eat a lot of vegetables..
And are known to live a relatively stress free life!

May be you may not want to run the Marathon at 80..
But what if you could IF you want to?

What if you could play ball with your grandchildren without huffing and puffing?

How about if you don't have to worry about the aches and pains associated with aging?

And live a life where you do not have to take 10 drugs everyday just to get out of bed?

Aging youthfully by retaining your libido

Remember the experts said you would lose your sex drive as you get older?
Well, how about if you are one of the exceptions to this depressing news?

You have seen the ads for Testosterone drugs and Viagra in all media.

But did you know that Testosterone drugs can give you a heart attack?

So can Viagra!

I didn't say that.

The FDA did!

And I am sure you've heard that the FDA just approved Pink Viagra for women

But what you might not know are the side effects of pink Viagra

And that the FDA rejected it several times on the grounds that it is barely better than a placebo in clinical tests!

Here is a Provestra.com All-Natural Libido Enhancer For Women

       Aging Young and Healthy

 So what are your options?
 A natural solutions for aging youthfully by maintaining your libido
 See how you can do that below

But of all aspects of aging young, good nutrition is at the top

Most people age prematurely because of poor nutrition

Most people have bought into the myth that getting older means:

  • Bad Eyesight
  • Lower Sexual Performance
  • Clogged Arteries
  • Susceptibility to all sorts of age related diseases etc
  • Wrinkles
  • Weight gain

These are the indignities of aging...

Or are they?

The human body is very intelligent, and given what it needs,
can take care of itself.

Aging youthfully and libido

Some men do not mind getting older, as long as they can retain their manhood

And the best measure of that manhood, is being able to get an erection and satisfy a woman in bed

While it is true that the production of the male sex hormone, testosterone diminishes with age, you can actually increase your testosterone level naturally and retain your manhood as you get older

Aging Young and Healthy-a pipe dream?

The promise of aging youthfully generates many theories about aging.
 Some believe the body just wears out like an old car.

But this theory has a little problem:

The body has mechanism to repair and replace worn cells..
..in fact, millions of these cells are replaced everyday.

That's why we don't fall apart sooner.
This process is so efficient, and ongoing, that the entire skeleton is replaced every 10 years!!

Here in may lie the secret to miraculous healing      
Can a way be found to induce the body to make healthy copies of diseased cells?

If this is true, why can't we be forever young, after all, we'll be operating with replaced, brand new cells.

But we are told that the cells can only divide and replace themselves a finite number of times.

After this finite number of times, the cell starts to atrophy, get old, and die


    Why do We Age?

 Another theory holds that we age because when cells are replaced, some of the DNA blueprints used to copy new cells, are defective.

 What causes these defects? This theory makes sense, except for one little problem.

The body has mechanisms for repairing defective DNAs.
This being so, then...

Why do we age?

Why can't we be forever young?

               Here is another theory

This theory says that aging, even our lifespan-barring accidents and lifestyle choices-are programmed into our genes.

That is our death date is programmed into our genes.

The implication is that we start to die the moment we are born. This is very scary.

But it also opens the door to a tantalizing possibility.

This aging clock that starts tickling at birth.
Is it possible to turn back this aging clock, or at least slow it down..?

Either through medical science or by the exercise of human will?

Does Evolution hold the secrets to Aging?

Why would evolution struggle for millions of years, only to shut down the process of life?

Sometimes at the height of efficiency and achievement of man?

Evolution has demonstrated remarkable intelligence in its selections.

Yet, the cutting off of life at the height of wisdom and understanding

This comes off as extremely stupid, wasteful and counter-productive

Conferring the "gifts" of aging youthfully, and living longer, would not be too much of a strain on evolution.

After all other more rigorous achievements have been attributed to it!

What does God have to do with Aging?

On the other hand, if there is a God who created this world, then the issue of fairness presents a huge problem:

People die at different ages.

If God is fair and no respecter of any one over another, why would He program some to die at 60 and some at 90?

Doesn't seem fair, does it?

Anti aging protocol using unconventional

The search for the secrets of aging healthy, longer has also extended beyond "conventional science," to include:

  1. Yoga
  2. Mysticism
  3. Martial Arts
  4. Hypnotism

These are fields in which we are told the body could be taken beyond its "normal" limits

Yogis maintain that aging can definitely be delayed.

Through meditation, Yogis assure us we can arrest the process of decay and rust that characterize normal aging

And if these assertions could be believed, this practice and its anti-aging benefits span millennia.

The secrets to aging youthfully and aging healthy is no secret after all

Can you turn back the aging clock with these disciplines?

The practice of these disciplines has been shown to lead to better body control

Even some involuntary processes of the body-such as breathing-could be brought under conscious control.

And breath control we are told, is the secret to aging youthfully.

The secret is self awareness through self knowledge.
This leads to mastery over the body in all its aspects.

Power of the mind to reverse the aging process

This is what the Yogis call MINDFULNESS.

There is no denying the fact that a person's state of mind greatly influences health.

The chemicals produced by the body when we are angry, are different from those produced when we are in a good mood.

This influence of the mind over the body can be used in the process of aging youthfully.

These, we are told, are the Yogis methods for arresting the process of aging


Are you a constant worrier?

Well, here is a report that says worrying can actually cause you to age rapidly

Which should come as no surprise, since worrying is associated with stress.

And stress is a risk factor for a lot of diseases, including premature aging.

This confirms the power of the mind over health in general and premature aging in particular!

Healthy Aging By Making Non-toxic Choices

How about our lifestyle choices?

The choices we make in life also affect whether we age healthy or age diseased and weak.

This includes the choices we make individually and collectively.
These choices include, but are not limited to:

  1. Poor Nutrition

  2. Lack of Exercises

  3. Smoking

  4. Excessive Alcohol Consumption

  5. Inadequate Sleep

  6. Stress

  7. Dangerous Medications

Premature Aging and Toxic Chemicals

There are more than 50,000 man made chemicals.
These get into your food, water, the environment and into our bodies.

Some of these chemicals are known poisons.
some of them are known to reprogram DNA, thereby affecting your health at a fundamental level.

Some of the medicines supposed to heal us wreak havoc on our health.

Some of them damage body organs, thereby contributing to their inefficiency. This can only impair healthy aging

      How can You age gracefully? 

  • Good Nutrition

  • A good night's sleep

  • Relaxation

  • Exercise

  • Plenty of Rest

  • Mental Stimulation through Learning New Things

  • Making Non-toxic Choices in All aspects of our lives

  • Possessing your mind

 Aging youthfully and aging healthy-these are achievable with a multi-prong anti-aging regimen.

      Is Aging a Curable Disease?

Some people now regard aging as a process of rust that can-if not curable-at least be manageable.

One of the major factors contributing to the aging of the cells is inflammation

Scientists now see reducing inflammation as a viable method for aging youthfully.

This involves minimizing the oxidation stresses the body is exposed to.
This is where antioxidants come in.

       Antioxidants and aging

How important are antioxidants in aging?

Consider this: Do you know there is a disease, called Progeria?

Progeria is believed to be caused by the inability of the body to produce and/or utilize antioxidants.

This condition even inspired a movie: "The Curious Case of Benjamin Burton," starring Brad Pitt.

 The movie turns biological facts on its head.
Brad Pitt, in a reversal of reality, ages backwards

In the movie, he gets younger as he gets older!

But, all movie make-believe aside, victims of Progeria age forward-very rapidly.

 Victims of this disease undergo all the stages of life:

  • Infancy

  • Adolescence

  • And old age..

    ..in a span of the first 8-12 years of their lives!

Victims of this rare disease almost never see their teens, before dying of "old age!"

     Anti-oxidants and Aging

 Several products found in nature have been found to be of tremendous assistance in the process of aging youthfully.

These include

  1. berries

  2. fruits

  3. seeds

  4. tubers

  5. minerals

  6. vitamins

  7. herbs etc.

Coincidentally, these products are loaded with potent antioxidants!
Can you begin to see the importance of antioxidants in arresting the aging process?

 For instance, Resveratrol, a compound found in red wine, has been found to trigger the longevity gene..

So does calorie restriction

These are just two-among many ways-to activate the body's genetic defense, maintain ideal weight, fight diseases, and have energy.

In fact, research is  now showing that Resveratrol may help in the prevention and stopping the progression of Alzheimer's!

How old would you be 10 years from now?

Aging youthfully, aging healthy and living longer..

These are the rewards of life lived with discipline, and making non-toxic choices in all you do.

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