Cancer Survivor Gets penis transplant to get manhood back

octors successfully performed penis transplant to restore a man's manhood

You know that's a misprint, right?

Successful penis implant a first in the U.SCanadian man gets penis transplant in first such operation in US to restore his manhood and confidence

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 I mean, we know about-

  • Heart

  • Kidney

  • Lung transplants etc.



BUT, It's no misprint..
It's true!

Doctors at Massachusetts's General Hospital successfully performed a first-in the U.S-on a Canadian man!

Why would a man need a penis transplant?

But this Canadian man did not choose to have this done

He needed to-he had no choice!

You see, his original tool was amputated because of Penile Cancer!

And you know a man does NOT really feel like a man-without his-OK I'll say it-PENIS!

..and a functioning one for that matter!

Penis Replacement surgery..
how common?

Granted, this is not everyday surgery

Maybe you think penile cancer is very rare.
But it may not be as rare as you think!

Here is a quote from the American Cancer Society:

"Around 340 people will die of penile cancer in the U.S. in 2016, while about 2,030 new cases will be diagnosed, according to estimates.."

Pushing the Frontier of Modern Medicine

If penis transplant is possible, would there come a day when brain implant might also be possible?

Guess what, partial brain transplant had actually been done!

Why would a brain transplant be  necessary?

Maybe because your dumb cousin keeps on saying and doing stupid stuff

Seriously though..

..there are reasons why a partial brain implant may be necessary

Trauma to the  brain resulting from accidents, war trauma, seizures etc.

Penis transplant complications

Anyway, back to the Canadian man who got the penis transplant

Now doctors are crossing their fingers.

They have to see IF his body would reject this intrusion-err, I mean, introduction of a foreign object into his manhood equation

He, and other transplant patients have to take anti-rejection drugs..

..for life!

But here are a few things I was thinking about regarding this:

Don't get me wrong

I applaud these doctors for this incredible medical feat

But even assuming this "thing" works-

     Penis Graft Complication Checklist

  •  Should the man tell the next woman he is with now about this "borrowed tool"?

  •  Will the woman feel like-how shall I put this delicately-she is not dealing  with the real man?

  •  If this penis transplant fails-and I pray it does not-what is the next option?

  •  Will there now be an advocacy for Penis

  •  Will the man have enough thick skin to
     withstand the cruel "ribbing" from other guys?

Potential Donor Family Resistance

It may be hard to persuade survivors of potential donors to donate something so intimate..

..after all, you can't remove a man's tool while he is alive to give to another man.

Besides, donating a heart or lung is not as intimate as donating a penis!

I can imagine some reservations-actually, strong opposition from..

..a surviving wife

..and children!

Restoring Manhood to Victims of Trauma and Diseases

But there is a silver lining to this whole thing.

  •  Here is hope for a
     lot of men

  •  And a reason for
     celebration on the
     part of transgender  women who would like to be "functionally male"

  •  Would it be possible
     to graft a penis onto
     a woman who wants
     gender reassignment
     from female to male?

Provided they have the $50,000 to $75,000 for this delicate operation

A whole lot of money, but when you consider that this penis surgery lasted 15 hours..

it really is a bargain!

A ray of hope for the Transgender?

For the transgender woman, the cost may even go higher.

This is because of anatomical differences between male and female organs

See, this particular operation for this Canadian guy is NOT gender reassignment.

For the transgender, IT WILL BE!

Gender reassignment grafting that functions may be more complicated and costly..

And that's assuming it's even possible

Will a penis transplant "function" in a female to male reassignment surgery?

These are questions that should be addressed before we start jumping for joy

But nevertheless, this is a breakthrough!

Is this the first penis transplant?

This operation is not as novel as you might think.
Penile Implant had been done before

The first penis implant was actually performed in South Africa.. 2014!

I know what you're thinking..

Does this transplanted penis work?

That first penile transplant from South Africa answered that question..

The recipient of the first ever penis implant went on to have a baby!

Who might need this kind of drastic surgery?

  • How about Cancer patients like this Canadian guy?

  • Victims of accidents

  • Females seeking gender reassignment surgery

  • Veterans wounded in wars

  • Victims of other traumas

Let us pray none of us ever

needs the expertise of these fine doctors!

One more thing, as Columbo would say

So you have your OWN penis alright..


It is NOT functioning at peak strength..

These surgeons might NOT be able to help you.

But, there is a way to defeat erectile dysfunction naturally

Why you should NOT take Viagra and drugs like it

Sure there is Viagra

And the there are Cialis, Levitra etc.

But did you know Viagra can give you a heart attack?
You don't believe me?

Would you believe it IF the FDA warns about it?

Would you believe that Viagra is also a risk factor for seizures

According to a research published in the JAMA Internal Medicine, Viagra use may increase your risks of melanoma by as much as 200%!

Here is a CBS report says viagra may increase your risks of melanoma

Here is another report on the melanoma risks of Viagra!

Melanoma is an aggressive, deadly form of skin cancer

The good news about nitric oxide for erection

And here is the best news of all:
Would you believe nitric oxide beat Viagra in head to head test to treat ED

Nitric oxide is a natural molecule that :

  • Dramatically boosts your sex drive
  • Improves memory
  • Boosts energy
  • Improves cardiovascular health
  • Normalizes blood pressure
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Boosts immunity etc.

Health Risks of Testosterone drugs

And how about the fact that testosterone drugs would also give you a heart attack

You do not want to drop dead on top of your woman, do you?

Testosterone is the male hormone that gives men their male characteristics-including a hard erection

Doctors expertise you do not want practiced on you

While this penis implant is a medical marvel, it is not what you wish for yourself

After all, you have to have suffered some trauma to be eligible for it.

And this is one eligibility you would definitely pass up!

What you want is to be able to get erection on demand
If you cannot, you may be a victim of this survey about women

That survey found that 4 out of 5 women admit they would cheat IF their men cannot satisfy them in bed!

Nitric oxide, the natural molecule that beat Viagra in head to head test to treat ED

You know about testosterone, but have you heard about nitric oxide?

Nitric oxide is the natural molecule that beat Viagra in head to head tests to treat erectile dysfunction

Nitric oxide is the natural molecule that was declared "Molecule of the Year" in 1992

And nitric oxide health benefit research it was that won the Nobel Prize in 1998..

..which Nobel Prize was awarded to Dr Louis Ignario and colleagues from UCLA
But nitric oxide does more that give you a hard erection

Nitric oxide benefits overall health as noted previously

Thanks Doc, I'll pass on that!

These skilled doctors need a hearty congratulation on successful penis transplant, but you pray you never need their services!

Keep what you have and have it working at its hardest


Take advantage of the resources on this page
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What do think about this whole thing?
Penis transplant is an unusual topic

Voice your opinion!

It is an emotional topic;
I am sure you have an opinion, comment, rant, rave etc.

Well, let's talk about it!

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