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Semenax Sperm Volume Booster
Semenax Sperm Volumzer the best way to increase sperm volume and get explosive ejaculationIncrease the volume of your ejaculation boost male fertility get the most intense orgasm possible when you shoot the biggest cum load of your life

What if Semenax could help you..

  • Increase sperm volume dramatically
  • Shoot incredibly big sperm load
  • Get incredible screaming orgasm
  • Hold off ejaculation till you are ready
  • Give your lover intense body shaking orgasm
  • Increase sperm motility
  • Reduce your risks of male infertility

Your sperm has many enemies

1 of the most dangerous and most common? Soda drinks

Semenax semen volume booster-the best sperm volume booster supplement

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Increase your ejaculation
volume by up to 500%..

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You and I know the answers to both questions, don't we?

To increase sperm volume, increase the intensity of your orgasms, you may want to consider a sperm volume enhancer supplement that could increase your ejaculation volume by a whopping 500%..

Semenax semen volume booster-
the most potent sperm volumizer

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Semenax dramatically boosts Semen Volume by up to 500% and skyrockets Orgasmic Intensity

The best way to

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  • increase male fertility
  • increase orgasmic intensity like porn stars
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Semenax semen volume booster

The mystery of sperm volume decline

How to boost sperm volume shoot bigger load of cum and not be a victim of the Wimpy Sperm SyndromeSemenax Sperm Volume Booster to increase sperm volume increase male fertility get the orgasm of release that the biggest load of cum gives

Why has sperm volume been declining in the last 40 years?

The decline is a whopping 10 percent in every decade!

But it gets worse..

Fertility rates in men have also been declining at an alarming rate

The generation of 25-40 year olds is less fertile than that of their fathers!

What do Africans know that You Do Not?

Here is the surprising fact..

this decline in sperm volume and sperm count is only in European countries and the Americas!

This is NOT the case with Africans!!

Semenax sperm enhancer increases sperm volume increases ejaculation and orgasm intensityAmazing Semenax sperm enhancer for bigger sperm volume explosive ejaculations and the full body orgasms that make your lover vibrate with the most intense climax she ever had


Scientists confess they do not know why this is

If the trend keeps up, it won't be long before the world is full of men with severe cases of.. 

Wimpy Sperm Syndrome!

What is the Wimpy Sperm Syndrome

The Wimpy Sperm Syndrome is a situation in which a man produces such little sperm volume it could hardly fit a thimble


that's not all!

These sperm cells suffer from low sperm motility and in most cases, unhealthy sperm morphology too!

  • Low sperm volume

  • Poor sperm morphology

  • Low sperm motility

These are the characteristics of Male Infertility

  • Such a man CANNOT impregnate a woman!

  • He CANNOT make a baby!!

    He suffers from the Wimpy Sperm

Even IF he does not want to be a father, a man wants to be virile..

and be able to make a baby if he wants to

Semenax semen volume booster gives him that option

Semenax Sperm Enhancer..

  • Boosts sperm volume

  • Increases sperm motility

  • Helps you shoot bigger sperm load

  • Increases intensity of ejaculation

  • Helps you get explosive orgasms

  • Increases male fertility etc.

Low sperm and male fertility

Low sperm volume and low motility are markers for male infertility

Semenax semen volume booster thus helps increase male fertility so you would not be shooting blanks in the bedroom

So how does it do all these?

That is..

How Semenax sperm booster works to boost semen volume and increase male fertility

Let's talk about it, shall we?

But first..

What is Semenax

Semenax is a combination of the most potent natural products to boost sperm volume and increase sperm ejaculation pressure

It is the best ejaculation enhancer that..

  • Boosts sperm volume by up to 500%

  • Helps you shoot bigger sperm loads

  • Increases intensity of your orgasms

  • Helps you satisfy your lover

  • Increases male fertility


 ..according to customers who had used this amazing sperm volume booster..

Semenax also..

  • Increases overall libido

  • Increases erection hardness!

How Semenax Semen Volume Booster Works to Increase Your Enjoyment Of Sex And Orgasmic Intensity

Semenax semen volumizer increases your sperm load..

So what, you say!


  • that means a larger volume of fluid and sperm is available to be expelled during orgasm

  • this in turn means more force is required to squeeze out this larger volume of fluid

  • which then means a stronger contraction is needed to release this larger volume

  • the result of which is stronger more intense pleasurable orgasms!

And that is how Semenax semen volume booster gets you the best orgasms of your life!

  • Increase ejaculation volume
  • Boost Male fertility
  • Increase intensity of orgasm
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Semenax Sperm Volume Enhancer

Increases your chances of impregnating your woman

Ingredients In Semenax Semen Volume Booster

What makes Semenax the best sperm volume enhancer?

         Its Ingredients!

A product is only as good as what it is made of

So what Is in Semenax semen volume booster?

17 of the best natural products to boost sperm volume and increase male fertility


A very important amino-acid
Boosts sperm and semen volume, increases male fertility


Doubles sexual function Increases testosterone level Needed for the synthesis of sperm In fact almost 1/2 of a man's Zinc is in his sperm store!

Swedish Flower Pollen

Pollen has the life essence of male cell of the plant kingdom "It provides all the bio factors that are the precursors for the sex hormones and micro-nutrients essential for a healthy reproductive system"


        Works with zinc to boost sperm  testosterone production

Epimedium Saggitatum

                    Also known as Horny Goat Weed
Has a reputation for boosting libido and testosterone and higher sperm volume

               Dramatically increases sperm motility Sperm motility is a measure of a sperm ability to swim to and fertilize a female ovum

Catuaba Bark

            Native to Brazil, its use as an aphrodisiac is a long history  Used for endurance, and improve mood (with anti-depressant qualities) Stimulates the CNS

Pumpkin Seed

                 High in Zinc
Zinc is needed for sperm production prostate health Increases quality of sperm

How to boost sperm volume for more intense ejaculation pleasure

Want to Shoot a bigger Cum load
Increase Male Fertility
Boost your chances of impregnating a woman

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Other Ingredients in Semenax sperm Volume booster


     For sexual energy stamina increases fertility

Vitamin E

Pine Bark Extract

Muira Puama


Cranberry Extract


Avina Sativa Extract

Butea Superba

Want to boost sperm volume
Increase Male Fertility
Get Intense Explosive Orgasm
with Semenax semen volume booster

         Semenax Does it Work?

The ingredients in Semenax semen volume booster have been used for a long time

They have a reputation for boosting sex drive increasing sperm volume and increasing male fertility as testified to by various cultures

But what does modern clinical tests say?


In a  randomized, double-blind and placebo-controlled clinical study, Semenax Sperm Volume Booster..

  • Increases Sperm Volume
  • Boosts Intensity of Orgasm
  • Increases Ejaculation Pressure for a more pleasurable sexual experience
  • Improves male fertility

Causes of male fertility and how to increase sperm volume and motility and boost your male fertilityAvoid the risks of Male infertility Increase sperm volume naturally Get explosive orgasms by shooting a massive load of cum

Does Semenax Have
Side Effects

Semenax sperm volume booster is composed of natural products

No side effects has been reported

But IF you have a medical condition..
Or are on some medications..

You may want to talk to your health provider BEFORE you take any product..

natural or synthetic!

Advantages of Semenax

  • No prescription needed
  • ALL Natural
  • Consists of ingredients that have a history of effectiveness
  • Ships in a discreet package to shield you from nosy neighbors
  • Gives you body shaking orgasms
  • Iron-clad money back guarantee

Semenax Guarantee

Semenax Semen Volume Booster comes with an Empty Box Money Back Guarantee

What the hell is that, you ask?

"If, for any reason, you are not 100% satisfied, simply return the empty containers within 67 days from the time of delivery for a full refund excluding shipping charges"

To make such a guarantee, you either have to be..



Sure about your product

And the manufacturer of Semenax Semen Volume Booster IS sure about its product

Where to Buy Semenax

Because of the success of Semenax, there are bound to be imitators

For the sake of your safety and pocket book, you should buy Semenax from the manufacturer's official site

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Semenax Sperm Volume Booster

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