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Oligospermia Definition

Oligospermia or oligozoospermia, refers to condition of semen with a low sperm count and low sperm volume that characterize male infertility

Reverse oligospermia, boost male fertility naturallyBoost sperm volume Increase sperm motility Improve sperm motility Boost male fertility Increase your odds of making a baby

How common is oligospermia?

Male infertility affects 1 in 20 men

That is a percentage of 5%

That may not seem a lot
But when you consider that percentage in real numbers, you realize that's a lot of men with low fertility!

Are you a vigorous male

  • Do you suffer from oligospermia?
  • Do you produce wimpy sperm or viable semen
  • Are YOU fertile enough to impregnate your woman?
  • How is your sperm motility
  • Or your sperm morphology
  • Your sperm count, sperm volume, and sperm motility are big factors in your fertility
  • Are you fertile enough then to make a baby?

Male Factor..
a matter of Fertility

  • WHAT IF you are virile enough with the right sperm motility to impregnate your woman?
  • Suppose you have the male fertility factor that makes it possible to fertilize a female ovum?
  • How would you feel knowing you can produce enough sperm motility percentage for pregnancy?
  • Have you and your woman been struggling to get pregnant
  • Maybe it's her, but could it be you?
  • Maybe you have Low sperm volume
  • Maybe you have low sperm count
  • But suppose you can finally have the right ejaculation volume and sperm motility to get you and your partner toe curling orgasms you both desire
  • Imagine the grin on your face knowing your male fertility factor could result in a little boy or a little girl any time you desire!
    Pure JOY, Right?

The years of oligospermia are now over, aren't they

Even when a man does NOT want a child, he wants to be virile enough to know he could IF he wants to

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So how do you become a vigorous male?

Increase sperm volume, boost sperm motility and dramatically increase male fertilityIncrease male factor fertility by boosting sperm volume, increase sperm motility, boost total spermatozoa count for a better chance of your sperm cells impregnating a woman

Here are the markers of a virile man

  • Bigger sperm volume
  • Higher motility sperm
  • Sperms of right morphology
  • Ability to impregnate your woman at every sex session
  • Ability to get erection on demand and last as long as you want
  • Give and get toe curling orgasm

These are what you get from Semenax-the male fertility enhancer

And the best part?


Causes of Oligospermia-
Reasons of infertility in males

  • Obesity
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Drug and alcohol abuse
  • Smoking
  • Illness
  • Diseases of the testes
  • Undescended testes
  • Blockage of sperm ducts
  • Retrograde ejaculation
  • Horse and Bike riding
  • Environmental chemicals
  • Radiation damage
  • High testes temperature

Low sperm count

Low sperm count refers to the concentration of sperm per unit volume
This concentration determines male fertility or lack of it

But here is another factor that is connected to male fertility..

               SPERM VOLUME

Sperm count decline

  • It is disheartening to find that sperm count has been declining for decades
  • In fact, research shows that sperm count has declined by a whopping 50-60% from 1973 to 2011
  • But that is only in Western countries
  • According to the report in New York Post the causes of this decline are not known
  • That's surprising since so many reasons for this come to mind
  • It is also significant to note that this decline does NOT apply to African countries!

Sperm volume..
what is it?

Boost sperm volume and sperm motility to treat oligospermia and increase male fertilityHow to treat oligospermia without drugs, increase sperm volume, enhance sperm motility and attain the right male fertility to make a baby

Sperm volume is the amount of sperm released during ejaculation

How much is your sperm volume?

  • A few drops..

  • Or a spoonful?

    All other things being equal..

Higher sperm concentration..
and higher sperm volume increase male fertility!

Difference between Sperm count and Sperm volume

What is the difference between sperm count and sperm volume?

  • Sperm count refers to the concentration of spermatozoa in a given volume;
    That is the number of viable sperm cells in a given volume
    A high sperm count-a higher viable sperm concentration, by sheer quality, increases male fertility
    This increases a man's chances of being able to make a baby!
  • Sperm volume refers to the quantity of sperm released during ejaculation

Watery seminal fluid

A high sperm volume does NOT necessarily translate to higher sperm concentration
These are 2 separate things

A sperm volume with low sperm count is referred to as watery sperm

The chances of watery seminal fluid sperm fertilizing a female egg is low to none

A man of normal sperm count has a higher chance of impregnating a womanThe right motility, the proper sperm volume increase male fertility to dramatically enhance chances of healthy pregnancy

Sperm Morphology

unfortunately, low sperm count and low sperm volume are risk factors for low sperm morphology

Sperm morphology refers to the percentage of sperm in a semen sample that are normal under examination

This percentage is an indicator of the degree of male infertility or otherwise


Low Sperm Morphology

Semen specimen with low sperm morphology is unlikely to fertilize an egg

If it does, it could result in a miscarriage or difficult pregnancy

If it does it could result in a deformed fetus

What are the consequences of low sperm count?

With low sperm count you have a lower chance of impregnating your woman

There are millions of sperm cells released during sex
Of all these, it only takes 1 sperm cell to fertilize the female egg

But this fertilization has a better chance of success IF the sperm has the right MOTILITY

Good sperm Motility

Boost sperm motility and sperm volume to increase male fertilityHigh sperm motility to increase male fertility and sperm volume for a better chance of conception

What is sperm motility?

Sperm motility is the ability of sperm cells to swim to the ovum to fertilize it

There are millions of sperm cells competing for the privilege of egg fertilization

If for any reason a sperm cell cannot swim to the female ovum, there is no pregnancy

Virile sperm cell fertilizationNatural oligospermia to dramatically boost sperm volume, jerk up sperm motility and defeat male infertility

The spermatozoa cell with the proper motility wins out and succeeds in fertilizing the female egg

The wimpy sperm syndrome

If you are suffering from the lazy sperm syndrome you have a low chance of getting a woman pregnant

These lazy idiotic sperms cannot fight their way out of a paper bag.. this case, out of the virginal mucus to get the job done

This is why oligospermia is a very emotional topic for men

Oligospermia natural treatment

  • Stop smoking
  • Get quality sleep
  • Lower your stress level
  • Eat right-good nutrition is necessary for all aspects of your health
  • Lose weight if you're overweight
  • If you use steroid, stop!
  • Do not abuse alcohol
  • Look at some of the medications you are taking;some medications such as anti depressants may lower your sperm count
  • Did you know that testosterone drugs can cause oligospermia
    You can increase testosterone and boost sex drive naturally

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