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Making non-toxic living choices is how to stay healthy, live longer and age young in body and mind...

OBESITY! The scourge of modern living
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But how can we make a non-toxic choice...
in the face of ever present toxic chemicals...
and medications out there?

Most of these medications have side effects worse than the diseases they are supposed to cure....!

Consider this:

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Prescription drugs have a higher chance of landing you in the hospital than a car accident...... By as much as 10 times!!!

Would you believe there are more than 100,000 man-made chemicals ?
Most of these have never been adequately tested; and we know most of them are toxic.
The tragedy of the whole thing is that there are natural alternatives to these chemicals

Anyone alive, wherever he/she is has some of these chemicals in his/her body

We all live in a soup of......

  1. Toxic Chemicals
  2. Additives in foods
  3. Pollutions in the air
  4. "Scientifically-altered" foods.
  5. Stress from everyday living
  6. Toxic Medications
nature's way

In light of these sober facts, a non-toxic choice becomes even more imperative.

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How about a non-toxic choice for your home?

Our homes are sometimes more polluted than a smoked filled bar--what with toxic fumes from perfumes, deodorants, carpet cleaners, detergents, dry-cleaned clothes, radiations from electronic gadgets etc.......

All these have fumes, radiations that are known to cause irritation to the lungs, skin, mucus membranes; and some of them are toxic enough to even cause death!

But we can make non-toxic choices in our everyday life to attain health, naturally.
We can even use food as medicine. This form of nutritional healing is now becoming one of
the most popular concepts in holistic healing

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Non-toxic Choice In Nutrition For a healthier life

Girls mature at an ever younger age -a phenomenon that carries health risks in adulthood..
Young boys cannot run a few yards without huffing and puffing like a 70 year old with a 50 year smoking habit!

Sperm count for men are down-and scientists tell us that non-toxic nutrition and good sex go hand in hand

From fit to flab?

Our ancestors were more fit; maybe because they had to run after prey, and run from predators

But the only running our kids do nowadays, is from bad guys on the video game screen.
And all that's required for this rigorous exercise, is a flick of the fingers.

No wonder more people are overweight than ever before.

Frogs are born more deformed than ever before, and scientists are warning us this might be what's happenign to us, albeit at a slower rate.

Experts attribute some of these phenomena to man-made chemicals, some of which mimic human hormones, reprogram DNA, and cause toxic reactions in the body.

And exposure to these toxic chemicals have been linked to cancer, sleep disorders, eye problems, sexual problems, hormonal imbalance, aches and pain etc. Then there is the compounding factor of poor nutrition.

Instead of synthetic drugs, the solution lies in part, in a regimen of non-toxic choices.
This could help the body achieve wellness naturally, detoxify itself, and even keep the body from getting sick in the first place

And natural wellness is the key to staying in good health, while living a long life.

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Nutritional Healing compromised

With our own hands we put into our bodies things that compromise our health........

  1. Sugar-filled Sodas
  2. Food Colorings
  3. Foods high in calories and salts and low in nutrition
  4. Foods With synthetic sugars that make us obese and predispose us to diabetes and other serious diseases.
  5. Even Synthetic Foods

Maybe we don't have a choice because these synthetics are so ubiquitous... But we do have choices.

Even with the onslaught of slick advertising, we have the chance to select natural foods and natural medicines. It may require a little more effort, but non-toxic choices in nutrition and health, is worth the effort and expense, and would be more than offset by good health, higher quality of life, and savings on health care in the long run.

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Non-Toxic Living Choices-Prescriptions for Longer life

We all desire to live a long life, but living longer is more rewarding, if that life is at peak health, and full of joy. What is the point of a long life, if that life is accompanied by......

  1. Pain
  2. A ritual of pill popping everyday just to get out of bed
  3. Checking in and out of the hospital constantly

What we want, and deserve, is a life of natural wellness....a life that is free of the indignities and "diseases of normal aging."

Good health is a right, not a priviledge; but it is a right you claim for yourself. It cannot be bestowed by anyone.

And that good health is best secured by making non-toxic lifestyle choices-choices you make everyday in every aspect of your life

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And good health to you and your loved ones

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