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How to increase testosterone get rock hard release bigger load last longer and get head to toe orgasm and sexual pleasure

A lot of times when you hear about increasing testosterone..

What they are talking about are testosterone drugs

These low T drugs are nothing more than Hormone Replacement Therapy..


The Ugly history of Hormone Replacement Therapy

Remember Hormone Replacement Therapy for women and the horrible health consequences..

Risks that we only knew after the fact..

Even though the drug makers told us they were safe?

Hormone replacement therapy has very serious side effects

This is why some men are now looking for natural ways to increase sex drive

Best libido enhancer on the market..

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     Your body knows what to do

To increase low testosterone, give the body what it needs to make its own Testosterone
From then on, your body then knows what to do

For instance, the herbs in this natural testosterone booster

  • Increase testosterone level
  • Help your body synthesize more nitric oxide for harder erections
  • Increase blood flow to the penis and boosts blood circulation in general

Health risks of low testosterone

Testosterone is a manhood booster that does more than increase sex drive. It also help maintain muscle tone and mass, boost immunity and is involved in longevityTestosterone boosts libido, reduces risks of heart disease and strokes, help maintain healthy weight, combats fatigue, help maintain healthy blood sugar etc.

What are the consequences of low testosterone

  • Low testosterone can cause anxiety and depression.                          
    Depression is a risk factor for..
        a. Obesity
        b. Heart disease
        c. Strokes
        d. Brain impairment etc.

  • Low T is also a risk factor for diabetes

  • Heart disease

  • Low testosterone can lead to fatigue

  • Muscle weakness

  • Loss of bone and muscle mass-in fact, loss of muscle mass is why some men look old and frail
    Men with adequate testosterone levels can preserve their muscle mass even as they age

  • A research study published in The Endocrinology Society's Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism found that adequate testosterone levels stops the loss of lean muscle in older men.
    These men also retain their lower body strength better

  • An increase in bad cholesterol

  • Erratic blood sugar levels

  • Higher risk of prostate cancer, because of higher level of Estradiol

  • Weight gain, especially in mid-section

  • Sexual performance problems

These are some of the things killing your manhood. Overcome them and be the best lover your partner ever hadIncrease low testosterone using the wisdom of nature. Give your body what it needs, and it will make what you need without further intervention from you. Hormone Replacement can disrupt hormonal balance, with very serious consequences

Why You Should Maintain Good Testosterone Level

If you suffer from Low Testosterone, you are more likely to suffer from some of these 10 consequences

How to increase serum testosterone level naturallySafe way to boost testosterone increase your sex drive last longer in bed and give your lover the best sexual experience ever

It makes sense to maintain adequate testosterone level
And if it is low, to choose a natural testosterone booster

Testosterone and health

What men refer to as Low T when they talk among themselves, is tied to machismo and male vigor

 But why is testosterone so important to men-

AND women for that matter?

Why natural testosterone booster in the first place

The body produces testosterone!
So why do you need a testosterone booster?


Choosing a natural testosterone booster is
a better way to increase your libido
strength and endurance without the
side effects of synthetic drugs

How would you like to jack up your libido without dangerous drugs?

Every man would like to maintain a high male libido at any age

When you are young, you do not have to worry about adequate testosterone level
Boosting testosterone level is the farthest thing from your minds


Get Vigorous!


your bodies produce adequate levels, and it does this naturally without outside intervention.

 In fact..

The production of testosterone in your body is at its peak during puberty-which makes perfect sense

The characteristics of male and females become pronounced at this period.

If you notice that your teenage boy starts to smell funny, testosterone is to blame

This makes sure that young men's libido is at a healthy level

This is how nature assures survival of the specie
This is how men can satisfy women in bed!

And, if for any reason testosterone level is low, then choose what is no doubt the best natural testosterone booster

In fact, in my humble opinion, it is the best-that is for men who care about their health

What is testosterone and why do we need it?

 Testosterone is a hormone-a male hormone produced by the testes [over 90%] and the adrenal [the rest]              

 It may be the most important biochemical substance-among several, for making you, masculine

 This is why a natural testosterone booster is of the utmost importance to you IF you are afraid you might be losing your edge

 But the importance of testosterone goes beyond that

Boost testosterone naturally

  • Testosterone is intimately linked to male libido
  • It is linked to behavior and health in general
  • It is linked to aging and longevity...
    In fact, men with low testosterone levels die earlier than those with adequate levels-this according to Urologist, Dr Michel Eisenberg of Stanford University Choosing natural testosterone boosters can also mean you're enhancing your overall health
  • Testosterone helps maintain muscle tone
  • Testosterone is involved in the formation and maintenance of bone density
  • Adequate level of testosterone can boost sex drive and help in getting an erection
  • It is involved in the synthesis of collagen. Collagen is the building block of muscles and soft tissues. Look at it as the body's mortar

   Testosterone for male and female health

But testosterone is not just a male hormone

Women also produce it from their ovaries, just as men also produce the female hormone, estrogen

Natural testosterone boosters help you maintain your manhood

The power of hormones

Oh, did you know that all human fetuses start out as female?

That is until a preponderance of female or male hormones, determine whether the fetus will be a boy or a girl

It is incredible to believe that the profound differences between male and female are controlled by small amounts of biochemical secretions...

  • Wide hips and breasts in women
  • Stronger muscles in men
  • Differences in voices
  • Male and female mannerisms
  • Body structure in general-gait, even hand gestures!

Yes, these are determined by some biochemicals, known as hormones


What are the causes low testosterone?

Several factors can interfere with the production of testosterone

 These include...


Get enough sleep to increase testosterone
Better sleep is one way to boost your testosterone level naturallyWant to increase testosterone without the risks of Viagra or Cialis? Get the natural testosterone booster on this page Be the vigorous male that you deserve to be. Sex is a biological necessity and don't you deserve to participate?

Testosterone and
Sleep deprivation

Lack of sleep is a risk factor for obesity.
Obesity is a risk factor for heart disease, strokes, erectile dysfunction, brain impairment etc. 

Lack of sleep disrupts the circadian rhythm-the body's 24 hour cycle of waking and sleeping.

This rhythm, among its numerous functions, is involved in hormonal synthesis and balance.

Its disruption disrupts the synthesis of testosterone.

Lack of sleep leads to irritability, lack of energy, depression etc.
Lack of sleep is also a risk factor for sexual performance difficulties


Get hard erection and satisfy your woman at any ageBe the man your woman prefers no matter how old you are. Age is NOT a barrier to good sex

Age is a big factor in testosterone production

At puberty, testosterone is at its peak, but as we get older, the level of testosterone starts to decline, until at about 30, it starts declining more rapidly

Use the natural testosterone booster on this page to get vigorous at any age


Poor nutrition is a major risk in all areas of health.   

Too much sugar consumption for instance is a risk factor for type II diabetes.

Diabetes is a risk factor for low testosterone and erection dysfunction     

Too much salt can lead to high blood pressure-high blood pressure is a major risk factor for erectile dysfunction and hormonal imbalance



Smoking introduces into the body dozens of poisons, including arsenic, formaldehyde, cyanide-one of the most toxic substances known.

 Smoking can also increase the risk of atherosclerosis, clogged arteries, heart disease, strokes, heart attack etc.

Good erection depends on adequate blood flow to the penis


Lack of exercises can lead to obesity, slow metabolism, and even heart disease.

Lack of exercises can mean low circulation problems
With the cells not getting enough nutrients pumped to them by the heart, the proper amount of testosterone may be impossible to synthesize


We have seen how dangerous stress is to overall health.

Stress depletes body nutrients and encourages the production of the dangerous stress hormone, Cortisone


Illnesses can tax the body and impair its function at all levels, certainly the production of hormones


Would you believe too much sleep is as bad as too little sleep?
 Too much sleep leads to fatigue and slows your body down


High blood pressure is a major risk factor for erectile dysfunction-in fact, erectile dysfunction may be a signal of an impending heart attack!!

It makes sense then to maintain testosterone level, and if it is low for any reason, to choose a natural testosterone booster

Drugs are not good ways to increase low testosterone

ED drugs can give you a heart attack.
That's why you want to boost your libido naturally.Would you trade your health for a few minutes of thrill? Well, how about if you could increase your sex drive without risking your health. You'll like that, won't you?


Well, let's count the ways

Drug therapy to increase male hormone level carry many risks

Testosterone Drugs Side Effects

  • Low T drugs can make you a "girlie man"
    Not what you want
    What you want is to be a stud in bed

    Low T drugs can make you develop feminine
    features such as larger breasts
    You don't want to be mistaken for your sister,
    do you?

  •  There is the risk of prostate cancer

  •  Inhibition of bone growth

  •  Kidney failure

  •  Liver problem 

  •  Lower sperm count


Low T Drugs and Natural Testosterone Boosters

You can boost testosterone naturally without the use of dangerous drugs

Low testosterone level can and does diminish a man's sex drive

It is not that the body stops producing this hormone..

it is that all the testosterone in the body may not be available. 

What is more important than the over all testosterone level, is available FREE testosterone

Difference Between FREE and bound testosterone

A man with measured adequate testosterone level may still suffer from Low T symptoms


 Because the amount of measured hormone may be different from the amount of available FREE TESTOSTERONE!

 Why would ALL the testosterone in the body NOT be available for use?

 Well, it turns out that some testosterone in the body may be bound to SHBG-Sex Hormone Binding Globulin

Ironically, a lower level of testosterone results in higher level of SHBG

 SHBG level may increase in cases of liver disease,
      hyperthyroidism etc.

 Also as we age, the level of SHBG goes up, and consequently, the level of testosterone goes down


Being overweight [too much body fat] increases the level of SHBG

 This is why sugar can increase the level of SHGB.

Sugar increases the synthesis of fats in the liver, and can thus cause low testosterone level

Natural ways to increase low testosterone

The best testosterone booster is a natural one

 When choosing a low T booster, beware of some unscrupulous suppliers, who want to pass off anabolic steroids as natural testosterone boosters

  They are NOT!

 This affects you in two ways.

  1. First, it is illegal

  2. Second, it is potentially dangerous..
    anabolic steroids
    can damage your liver and kidneys 

  3. The FDA issued a warning about some "natural sex enhancers" that are anything but.


What are Aromatase Inhibitors?

According to FDA warning, some of these sexual boosters are nothing but Aromatase inhibitors

This is a class of drugs used to treat breast and ovarian cancer               

The problem is these inhibitors can disrupt hormonal balance if included in a testosterone booster

Low libido solution-boosting testosterone naturally

There are drugs to boost male libido, but you know the story of synthetic drug intervention from experience

  • Asthma drugs that increase your risks of dying from same asthma

  • Arthritis drug that makes you susceptible to tuberculosis infection

  • Drugs that purport to treat your ailment but suppress your immune system-opening you to more dangerous opportunistic infections

  • Drugs whose side effects would kill you faster than the original disease

  • Drugs that increase your risk of death IF you dare get off 

 My God, aren't we tired already?


you want to be the MAN in the bedroom, take advantage the best natural testosterone booster!

Natural libido enhancement-the healthy way to better sex

Some of these so-called natural testosterone boosters even contain some ingredients found in Viagra and Cialis..

..erection problem drugs that have serious side effects

If you can't get erection, you might be tempted to reach for these dangerous drugs


 Want to get your manhood back without risking your health?

 Then, a choice of natural testosterone booster is your best bet

Follow the link to access information on how to increase testosterone level naturally


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Where to buy the best natural testosterone enhancers

As I warned earlier on on this page, beware of unscrupulous suppliers.

These people peddle natural testosterone boosters that contain Anabolic steroids or other dangerous products

You should especially be vigilant about this IF you're an athlete.

 Testing positive for anabolic steroids can earn you a lengthy suspension, or even a lifetime ban from sports-any sport!

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Best natural testosterone boosters

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Latest News

 Here is another twist in using natural testosterone source to boost libido

 You might think it's old wife's tale, but it has science behind it

 Would you believe watermelon is as potent as Viagra for getting your manhood back?.. and without any nasty side effects

 Yes, the humble watermelon

But before you wrinkle your nose at this fact..

Consider this:

  • Watermelon contains a generous amount of vitamin A

  • Watermelon also contains  Citrulline 

         What is Citrulline?

Citrulline is an amino acid. Its name is derived from the latin word, Citrullus the Latin word for watermelon!

 Citrulline has been shown in research to relax blood vessels, a necessary action in getting blood to the penis.

Adequate amount of blood flowing to the to the penis helps a man get and maintain penis hardness

 Believe it or not, Citrulline is not new.
Discovered as early as 1914, citrulline is made in the body too.

The body metabolizes Arginine to produce citrulline and Nitric Oxide           

 One of the by-product of this biochemical reaction,  Nitric Oxide,  helps the dilation of blood vessels and reduce blood pressure
Nitric Oxide is necessary for good erection

 Since its discovery, Citrulline has not stayed off people's radar either.
Some supplement manufacturers know about it

 In fact, some performance enhancing supplements contain Citrulline, because it helps in fast muscle recovery and fights fatigue

 It is clear why Citrulline is used to treat erectile dysfunction 
 Citrulline is more abundant in the rind of watermelon

 Health benefits of Citrulline

  • Citrulline stimulates the release of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide relaxes and expands blood vessels. This enhances blood flow.

  • This is how the erection drug, Viagra is thought to work.

  • But did you know that nitric oxide beat Viagra in head to head tests to treat Erectile Dysfunction? And nitric oxide is natural with no side effects!

  • Watermelon is mostly water, 92% and 6% sugar

  • It has a high vitamin A content and and a significant amount of lycopene

  • Lycopene is what gives tomatoes its color and is thought to nourish the prostate gland

Now that you've seen how to use natural testosterone boosters to get your manhood back..

Your next move is to get one of these manhood boosters and make yourself the ultimate sex machine!

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