Not chooosing organic skin care products
can damage more than the good
health of your skin

The fact that organic skin care products are available makes one wonder why some people still choose toxic skin care products

Any product that wants to label itself as an organic skin care product.....
Should not contain any harmful ingredients.
Should not contain animal products (Some people make exception for bee products)
Its production and testing should NOT involve animals or cruelty to animals

How safe are your cosmetics

It is true that dangerous chemicals still predominate in the marketplace, but organic skin care products are making inroads because of greater consumer awareness.

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Consider the word, "fragrance" when listed in your cosmetics.
Would you believe this could be one of over 3,000 products, most of which score high on the harzadous material index?

And there is no requirement to list all of them is in your cosmetics

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Some of the harmful ingredients found in your mainstream cosmetics include:

  1. BHA
  2. Diethylhexyl phthalate-found in perfumes, nail polish, creams, lotions. Liver and kidney damage, reproductive damage are some of their hazzards
  3. Nano titanium dioxide-in some make-ups
  4. Styrene
  5. Parabens-Mostly found in deodorants, shampoo, lotion. Suspected of disrupting hormonal balance. Also implicated in breast cancer
  6. Lead-found in hair dyes, eye make-up-Lead can damage your nervous system, cause learning impairment and interfers with mental development in children

And there are more of these hazardous materials in your cosmetics-in fact, there are over 10,000 of them. That's not a misprint!

But you won't have to worry about the dangers of these poisons if you choose organic skin care products to begin with

The case for natural skin and hair products

Why are all these important?

The reason a lot of people arel looking for organic cosmetics are many, because people have different needs

A person putting a facial skin care product on his/her face wants to make sure it's not going to harm the skin or damage the eyes.

People also want a choice of organic make-up because these may stay on for hours-usually through the entire day. Imagine the harm a harsh chemical can do over a 12 hour period!

People with dry skin, thin hair, dandruff, itchy scalp, acne-these people have enough problems already. What they need and deserve are organic skin care products that solve their problems without creating more.

People with sensitive skin want organic sensitive skin care products
People with dry itchy scalp want an organic product that would soothe their scalp, not something that would peel it off

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If it is not clear that it IS an organic skin care product,
don't buy it. This is the way to force dangerous products off the market. A product without buyers
will soon disappear from the marketplace

The skin is the largest organ in the body

  • It is the body part that's most exposed to the envinroment
  • Its large surface area makes it vulnerable to external and internal threats
  • The skin has to breathe and anything that clogs it impairs this function
  • The skin helps in the elimination of toxins through sweating
    It aso helps in regulating body temperature
  • It serves as a covering and a shield for underlying cells
  • It can also be used to deliver medications to the body.
Organis skincare and haircare products
See ALL Organic Skin and Hair Care
Products here

Why you should choose organic products

This fact is why your skin care products should be from wholesome ingredients. Because the ingredients can be absorbed through the skin, it can get into your eyes, it can even get into your mouth

Like all living organs, the skin needs to be fed healthy nutrients, from inside and outside.

As you can see from the image above...

  • The skin has to nourish the hair so it can grow healthy.
  • It has to produce sebum (oil) to lubricate hair follicles, so your hair will not feel dry, brittle and lifeless
  • It has to maintain the integrity of the sweat glands so it can eliminate toxins and help regulate body temperature
  • It has to protect the underlying cells and be able to heal wounds when injured

We take the skin for granted. Most people never think about all these things
One thing we should all be thinking about now is how we are going to supply the skin with organic skin care products instead of the harsh chemicals that now dominate the marketplace

The skin is a very complex organ even though it looks deceptively simple

In light of all these, choosing organic skin care products is not only smart, it is the only healthy way to go.

Thou shall not take the health of your skin for granted!




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Look at the products in your beauty box. What percentage of these are organic skin care products?

And it's not just in the products themselves. Even the packaging contains some hazardous plastic materials.

And don't depend on the government to look out for you. The FDA just rejected suggestions to ban BPA!

You know what's so annoying about the whole thing? Most people pay more for this chemical soup than they would for organic skin care cosmetics

Can you believe that you pay more for something that can harm you than for natural skin and hair products

How many skin care products in your house contain these:

Mineral Oil

This is a petroleum derived product. Yes, this comes from the same source as the gasoline you put in your car.
Gasoline lotion anyone?
Mineral oil causes a accumulation of toxins on the skin and can therefore cause the skin to age prematurely.
It also interferes with the ability of the skin to beathe

Petrolatum (Petroleum jelly)

As the name implies, this is also a petroleum derived product. It also prevents the ability of the skin to breathe. It traps toxins on skin layers

Sodium laurate

I am sure you've seen this in your soap, lotions, shampoos etc. It is an INDUSTRIAL SOLVENT. It robs the skin of its moisture content. Research has identified it as a risk factor for eye problems

Propylene Glycol

You are actually more familiar with this than you may think. This is the major component of the brake fluid and anti-freeze in your car!. Brake fluid will strip paint off your car. Now, what do you think it will do to your body? Well, let's see....
Propylene Glycol can break down your skin's very structure. It can cause kidney, liver damage and even cognitive problems

FD & C colors

Once again these are substances you're more familiar with than you might realize. Some of these are derived from coal tar. They are found in soaps, perfumes etc. A lot of these dyes are considered to be cancer causing agents


A very dangerous neuro-toxin that can damage the brain, stunt mental development in children and harm the fetus

Yes, it sounds scary but you can protect your health by making organic skin care cosmetics your default purchase at all times

Read labels.
Haven't you seen some skin products that lists ingredients you're familiar with? I have.....
Ingredients such as olive oil, avocado oil, vegetable glycerin, coconut oil etc. You know what olive oil is, don't you?

Unfortunately, some of the dangerous products found in some products are passed off as organic in some skin care products. The harsh chemicals might be listed in fine print.

And listen to this: a lot of cosmetics that are laden with chemicals are passed on as organic-which they are not.

Read labels

Unscrupulous manufacturers prey on the fact that many people do not read labels. They just want a product that works. But just any product that works may undermine your health if it contains dangerous chemicals

There are literally hundreds of these dangerous products that we come in contact with everyday. We can at least minimize our risks by choosing organic skin care products

How do you define a natural organic skin care lotion?

Here is a lotion that declares in bold letters on the bottle: PLANT EXTRACTS!

Well, let's see some of these plant extracts

  • Sodium Hydroxide-
    a strong caustic alkali that will eat animal flesh-in fact, it will dissolve almost anything it comes in contact with. Anyone familiar with a little chemistry knows to avoid this bad boy

    Notice how trucks carrying this chemical are labelled harzardous. Motorists are advised to keep a respectable distance. And if it is ever spilled, the harzardous material people are the only ones qualified to clean it up! This is what goes on your skin. How does an organic skin care product sound now?

  • Petrolatum-
    a petroleum product we talked about earlier
  • Benzyl Benzoate-
    What is that?
  • Butylphenyl Methylpropional-
    Say what?
    What mad scientist concorted these things?

And this is just a few of the tongue twisting ingredients in this one lotion

In your opinion, is this an organic skin care product, or is this a chemical soup?

This is my humble take on this.....

If I have to get a degree in Chemistry to understand what's in my lotion or anything that gets on me or in me, I don't want it

Why should you care?

Because what gets on you can get in you. That's how trans-dermal medications work
The medicine is infused into a patch, the patch is put on the skin, the skin absorbs the medicine into the blood stream

Now, do you think this trans-dermal absorption may also happen to the dangerous chemicals in your beauty products?
You bet it can!

People react to these dangerous chemicals differently
For some, the reaction is immediate, for some it's not
But make no mistake about it, the damage is being done on an ongoing basis

Collagen break down is one of the adverse effects of these chemicals, and that is very serious too

Collagen is what holds the cells of the skin together
Think of it as the mortar that holds the bricks in your house together

What would happen if the mortar in your house deteriorates?. Your house crumbles, right?

Well, that's what happens to a skin damaged by these chemicals

  • Premature aging
  • Wrinkles
  • Even skin cancer
  • Some of the ingredients in mainstream skin care products can get into your bloodstream and damage your lungs, eyes, kidney etc.

Now, will you ever take your skin for granted again?

Just any random product cannot label itself as an organic skin care product.....

It's not that people do not know that organic skin care products are availabe, they do

But the petro-chemical industry has deep pockets for advertising. The constant din of this advertising distracts people from choosing organic

But that should not be an excuse. The sellers of organic skin care cosmetics are, for the most part, not motivated by money but by a commitment to enhance peoples' lives, and take these toxins out of our lives

This is a major reason to support them in driving hazardous chemicals from our homes, our foods, our children's schools etc

It is a commitment we should all pledge to

The easiest way to do that is to only purchase organic skin care products, and make conscious efforts to go organic whenever possible

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