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 VigFX Frequently asked questions

to choose best libido enhancer

Here are some of VigFX frequently asked questions

Feel free to contact the manufacturer directly if you have further questions about this incredible male sex enhancer

Question: How effective is VigFX to
   boost male libido?


How confident is the manufacturer of VigFX of the effectiveness of its product?

Well, the manufacturer is so confident that its product delivers on its promise, it is prepared to send you..

A 15 Day Supply of VigFX FREE!

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Premature Ejaculation?

        Question: What is VigFX


VigFX is a natural male sex enhancer supplement

It's a more potent version of the VigRX Plus formula

It is a controlled release hard erection supplement to get harder longer,for sustained bedroom performance!

    Question: What makes VigFX more potent


Well, a lot of supplements do NOT survive the harsh environment of your gastro-intestinal tract.

What happens is that your stomach does not have a chance to absorb the nutrients before it is destroyed..

Or before it is flushed out of your system before the intestine has a chance to absorb it!

What's the difference
                     between VigRX Plus and VigRX?


To solve this problem of low absorption, VigFX is enclosed in an enteric covering
This is a method of covering VigFX in some protective coating

This ingenious method not only protects the capsule from being destroyed by stomach acid, it also ensures a prolonged, sustained release for maximum effectiveness

That is the major difference between VigFX and VigRX plus
Other than that, they are actually the same product

Some people say supplements
               are a waste of is
               VigFX different?


Know why some say supplements are a waste of money?

Because a lot of supplements are poorly absorbed!

You are as healthy as what your body absorbs!

It does not matter if your supplement is 1000mg..


..your body cannot/does not absorb most of that, it does your body no good

It is merely flushed out
It's like flushing dollar bills down the toilet!

One of the most VigFX frequently asked questions would then be:

How much would my body absorb VigFX as compared to other products?

Fair question!

   Question: What is the absorption rate of VigFX?


VigFX boasts highest absorption rate-as proved by clinical tests

But here is what should be on the list of VigFX frequently asked questions:

What is the absorption rates of competing products?

  • 10%?
  • 15%?
  • 20%?

Is VigFX better absorbed?


You bet your libido it is!

How about absorption rate up to 90%..

As verified by clinical trials!

What are the pleasant implications of that?

  • You get more for your money
  • You get a more effective product
  • You get more desire and stamina for sex-isn't that the point anyway?

    Question: There is Viagra, why should I take VigFX?


This is one of the most common of all VigFX frequently asked questions

The reason a lot of men asked this question is because they do not know the serious side effects of Viagra

These are reasons you should NOT take Viagra

  • Viagra is a risk factor for heart attacks-according to the FDA
  • Viagra increases your risks of memory loss
  • Viagra increases your risks of Melanoma by 200%. Melanoma is a serious form of skin Cancer
  • Viagra also increases your risks of Seizures

Here is where you can read more about the health risks of Viagra

AND VigFX hard erection supplement does NOT require a prescription!

          Question: Is VIgFX Safe?


This is an ALL natural erection supplement, manufactured in the US in a certified facility

There had been no reported adverse effects reported.


IF you have a medical pre-condition, or are taking any medications, it is advisable to talk to your doctor first

       Question: What makes VigFX more effective
                    than other erection boosters?


It's ingredients..

That's what!

If manufacturer of VigFX is so
                sure it works, why can't I try it 
                before I buy?


But you could try it before you buy!

Click the banner at the top of the page..
Or click this link to get a FREE 15 Day Supply of Vig FX libido booster

Talk is cheap, how do I know VigFX 


A very important of VigFX frequently asked questions has to do with whether this product works.

In clinical trials, here are the incredible results for this sex drive booster

Tests show that men who took VigRX Plus were about 6 times more likely to be sexually satisfied than men taking a placebo!

Don't believe me?

Take a look below about how VigFX dramatically jacks up your libido

That's very significant!

And did I mention it is natural and has no side effects?

I did, didn't I?

I just don't want you to miss the distinction between this and those erection drugs that can give you a heart attack!

How much does VigFX Boost your sex drive?

    Take a look at this chart

         VigFX Clinical Studies Chart

The power of VigFX to dramatically boost your sex driveAmazing ways VigFX boosts your sex drive and gives you the hardest erection of your life

        Question: How much does this awesome sex
                   drive booster cost?


Of all VigFX frequently asked questions, I know this one would take center stage

After all, we are now talking about money!

What if I tell you to:

  • Put your money back in your pocket
  • Tuck your credit card back in your wallet


You can get a 15 Day Supply of VigFX.. FREE!

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15 Day VigFX Supply FREE

Men's questions about the
best natural erection supplement answered

These are the most common of VigFX frequently asked questions

Maybe you have more questions, a suggestion, or comment.

Please, leave it in the comment section below

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